days ago, a total investment of 300 million yuan in Sichuan export shoes export exhibition order center construction officially started, at the same time, closely related with the Sichuan export footwear website officially launched, so far, Sichuan shoes to China shoes are as the core, R & D, production, finance, trade, marketing platform five sale is beginning to take shape. Sichuan shoes again pushing force.

from the "gray customs clearance", Guangzhou footwear export export orders to the center, at home to establish foreign trade shoes shoes, Sichuan shoes finally opened the curtain to battle the international market "last mile" in January 11th, Sichuan exported shoes & middot, a total investment of 300 million yuan; export exhibition order center construction officially started at the same time. Sichuan, is closely related with the export of shoes Sichuan shoes Network officially launched, so far, Sichuan shoes to China shoes are as the core, the five platform development and production, finance, trade, sales has begun to take shape, Sichuan shoes again pushing force.

: the further extension of the market force pushing online

"as the opening of Sichuan shoes industry e-commerce platform, with foreign trade shoes as the carrier, financial services platform to support the Sichuan shoes trade platform will be officially opened." 11, in Sichuan’s launching ceremony, the words of Western Sichuan shoes industry operation limited company chairman Peng Jun, for the presence of the scale of hundreds of shoes enterprises responsible person smiles, through the network, their business from pushing on the international market.

international buyers to understand the Sichuan footwear industry, the network can provide great help." Sichuan’s network responsible person, built in Sichuan Sichuan shoe shoes network will display information, and display the various characteristics of the samples. The platform has shoes export trade, finance, e-commerce and other industrial services, build a financing platform with dozens of domestic banks, Guarantee Corporation and other financial institutions, and launched online for shoe orders loan characteristics of financial services.

through a series of credit certification, in the future, Sichuan shoe prices through the platform will be able to sign orders online." Peng Jun is confident that the next step will go further.

closer: at home to set up a foreign trade platform

"in the past, many buyers purchase only from shoes to Beijing, Guangzhou and other places to engage in trade market purchase, foreigners know Chengdu made shoes badly, but do not know where to find the factory." Huang Daqiang has long been engaged in footwear trade business.

as a result of the lack of foreign trade platform shoes enterprises in Sichuan, limiting the development of foreign trade shoes. To this end, in 2009, Sichuan footwear industry established foreign trade window – Chengdu shoe city in Guangzhou, in the hope of Sichuan footwear trade platform "forward". However, due to the concept of settled enterprises and other reasons, some of Sichuan shoe enterprises did not find the development and survival of space.

"we can go further only if the international buyers get closer." Peng Jun believes that years of accumulation, including Chengdu, Sichuan footwear R & D, production, and so have a considerable level, >

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