December 25th morning news, China Mobile announced today in Guangdong to start the B2B e-commerce service for business users, officially launched electronic procurement, procurement, hotel reservation, ticket booking, purchase information services such as five, more than 60 enterprises have been involved in.

build a new platform

China Mobile said

, electronic commerce, JOY e-commerce network platform has been building a new (, set up a professional service support team for enterprise users customized electronic procurement, procurement, hotel reservation, ticket booking, purchase information release five B2B e-commerce service.

China Mobile CEO Wang Jianzhou

said, China Mobile launched the B2B e-commerce service is a new career, is a creative attempt, but also a long-term, continuous improvement, gradually promote the work, continue to need China Mobile, more needs at all levels of government, partners and each society’s widespread attention, and actively participate in and jointly promote.

It is reported that

, currently has more than 60 enterprises and China Mobile signed the B2B service agreement, the SASAC central enterprises, Datang China Putian, Chinese post and telecommunications equipment, such as Shanghai Baer, the international multinational companies such as Motorola, NOKIA, Ericsson, SIEMENS, TD, ZTE, HUAWEI industry chain enterprises comba, Grentech, Mobi antenna, there are well-known domestic communications companies Lenovo, digital China, YOFC, yiyangxintong etc..

launched five e-commerce services

China Mobile said it will launch 5 e-commerce services.

is an electronic procurement service. Advanced B2B e-commerce information system for enterprise customers to provide electronic bidding, online real-time reverse auction, B2B transactions, procurement management and other information services.

two is the enterprise procurement service. According to the customer’s purchasing needs, China Mobile uses its own resources to provide sourcing, supplier certification and other services.

three hotel reservation service. With the help of advanced information system and service network all over the country, we can provide hotel information sharing and online booking service.

four is the ticket booking service. China Mobile to partner to share the signing of the airline service and ticket agency business, to provide customers with preferential, convenient ticket online inquiries, booking services.

five is the purchasing information publishing service. China Mobile to build a new e-commerce portal for enterprise customers to open all kinds of procurement and sales information, and the realization of the online sale of tenders, expand the source and business scope.

China Mobile established a perfect service support system, the development of a scientific and reasonable service processes, the opening of a unified national customer service access telephone 400-100-2-100, while providing instant messaging, >

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