Sina Technology News September 20th afternoon news, 51 credit card held a strategic conference, announced the completion of a total of $310 million C round of financing. After this round of financing, 51 credit card valuation of over $1 billion.

According to the 51

credit card, the current round of financing by the A shares of listed companies and map the new lake treasure investment partners, fast taxi founder Chen Weixing pan city capital, joint and canopy capital, Guoxin Hongsheng equity investment fund, thousands of capital, Hong Tai A Plus fund investment, the exclusive financial advisor to TAHAL capital as the financing.

meeting, 51 credit card CEO Sun Haitao said: "the 51 credit card housekeeper has over 70 million users, monthly active credit card bills over 30 million." At the same time, 51 credit card announced net loan platform, the 51 character has reached a cooperation agreement with the Bank of Jiangxi depository fund.

public information, 51 credit card on-line in June 2012. The company in September 2012 by Xue Manzi and CPT capital 6 million yuan angel investment; by the end of 2013 was SIG, clean capital and CPT capital $15 million A+ round and round A; February 2015 by GGV capital led a $50 million B round of financing investment. (Xu Li)

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