my website for 20 days, IP yesterday reached 1000, Baidu from the 20 update every day, you must ask me how to do, then I’ll take a creative one to look at, I also in each big forum post, now share with.

open shop has been three years, do Taobao 3 drill, eBay should not have to drill 1, the top ten thousand Baidu has ah inside account, novice sellers of entrepreneurship is the most difficult of my experience, now we are concerned about ah platform, do not know how much in three months and this passion can pay attention to Baidu, I think there will be 30% new sellers will not adhere to, for any good things, not to provide a platform for people to give you will succeed. Must have perseverance and advanced the idea, in order to gain a foothold in the tens of millions in this big family, I do not want to raise myself, but to say. No matter how good the shop platform, there is no specific promotion, not a study and adhere to the tenacity, Baidu or Taobao or eBay or home only so much, the promotion is only so much weight to chance your store will not be large, online exposure also Not much, some people say that to promote, can we just some small network operators, 80% started, more than 70% have their own warehouse and supply, no big enterprise funds, do not rank, can do other promotion, we can only start from the exchange chain platform received the promotion of online community, is it useful, there are few basic community, mostly no business sellers on eBay sellers, Samsung, Taobao crown sellers have you seen posting it, some people ask, what do we do, no money is not the promotion, promotion, definitely need promotion, we can engage in a business alliance. From 300~500, together, to do their own forum, do their own websites, focus on some website promotion, then join us in the spare time slightly promoted those union station, the station, the several hundreds of people to help promote, Will be successful, our goods will naturally get promotion, someone will ask, webmaster will will not matter to us, I think this is certainly not, because he still need you, but you may receive some membership fees and advertising, because the site is for maintenance, you can understand this idea long before that, but people are selfish, not willing to provide to our webmaster website promotion, not many people are willing to take 10 minutes to 20 minutes to get to the union station to update their promotion information every day, and are willing to basically not much to promote the role of the platform to send some version of assertive community delete junk post or post irrigation, this post did not use the basic, this is what I always want to emphasize to everyone, there may be some new sellers do not believe. Because the forum post can promotion. I have been To help sellers do something new, because of technology and money problems, there has been no implementation of the.08 in August, finally had a chance, with all the energy to do a shop discount information station, dedicated to help small business free promotion, let Baidu bid, Google and YAHOO and Ali mother >

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