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some time ago to write a few articles, website promotion, there have been friends add my Q, like I asked some of the SNS website promotion method, I also constantly in that website promotion methods is actually mentioned before that, how much do not care about the website promotion methods, even the most simple, as long as you go to study, go to reasonable use, also can let you get to the IP website traffic good.

actually I haven’t done the promotion of SNS website, so what is not a good method, but deviate from them. Some other website promotion methods, as long as you can change the way, might be able to oneself. Today, I simply listed two SNS sites, and then for their two sites to talk about their own point of view. One is the "soybean net" is a native of Chongqing Chongqing circle".

The former is a

SNS site based on Kidults, my understanding of Kidults is the "old urchin culture", "is everybody". There is what I love is one of the main reasons of the station, is that they provide a convenient way to listen to the music, the name is also very special called "lazy music" as long as you can click on the music, can also choose something you love to listen to music. Exactly like me lazy to use. The latter is a local nature of the SNS website, his user population is mainly based in Chongqing, there is love Chongqing friends, some of the field work in Chongqing and some friends working in the field of chongqing. His theme is leisure, entertainment. There is a very unique place, they also have an online shopping platform, but also to provide some discount information Chongqing local mall. In view of the above, I would like to talk about some of the views of the promotion:

A: soft Wen promotion

soft Wen promotion on a web site is also playing a very important role, especially on the line of new sites, can quickly improve visibility in the industry. Soft Wen promotion can be divided into BBS soft Wen promotion, industry information website soft Wen promotion and SNS website soft Wen promotion.

1: Forum soft promotion

is to write some of the characteristics of the web site of the soft Wen, and then find some appropriate forum or version of the district to post promotion. To do so you have to pay attention to the promotion of a number of registered forum ID. After the success of the post to the top of the paste, so that is to allow more people to see your posts. That is, their own top posts. There is to find some of the flow of the forum to promote, so that the effect will be better. You do not forget to give you a good title of the soft Wen, a good title is also an important factor in the success of your posts.

2: industry information website soft promotion

is the same article soft Wen, contribute to some of the weight of the high information website, one is to improve their website in the industry’s visibility, two is the weight of the high site, be searched >

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