is now promoting large and medium-sized door apartment layout website is still more difficult, only the columns will let you head, at the Baijishi column, think of fear, I have an English learning portal, the promotion effect is not very good, the main content is missing and the optimization is not in place, the most important thing is not to understand to establish a chain, do the webmaster know the website survival is by high quality content and large chain, therefore, my English learning website promotion ran aground. Since I understand some promotion methods, I have distance learning English station on the line for half a year, and now I have to pick up the station, began to seriously look at, now miraculously make up, then I will talk about my doing the English learning website promotion methods.

one, the establishment of a huge blog chain

The first step of

, pure manual build blog 60 blog, and 540 for the main content of the blog blog reprinted time, one in 60 blog 3 blog name is "website main keywords English learning free English learning website, online English learning, 57 blogs don’t use site columns name of establishment.

Second step

, updated daily 60 main blog, each blog update 1 articles, each article in the web link, link anchor text is the same with the web site keywords, website column name of a 57 blog plus column page keywords, and the anchor text links to relevant column page.

third step, each link has 9 times the main blog blog, this blog 9 times every day turns to reprint the main blog content, each link between every 9 times 9 times per blog, blog and blog were 1 main links, then the mutual link between the 60 main blog, so in between the 600 blog formed a large sprocket, then 60 points to the main blog website home page, such as increasing the weights of the blog, the website will get a large number of external links.

the fourth step, every day and in every blog add 10 friends, and friends to each message, this blog made a lot of visitors, invisible and slowly increase the weight of blog, it means that in slowly increase website weight.

fifth step, will be the opening of the micro-blog blog, each micro-blog just say a word every day, and then add a day of 10 concerns.

The blog promotion scheme

I do is not useful, these spectators tried to know.

two, Forum promotion program

the first step, three months to collect English Learning Forum of the 500, each forum registered account number 10.

second steps, within three months to collect non English Learning Forum of the 500, each forum registered account of 10.

the third step, in each forum each account must modify the forum signature for the site keywords and web site.

the fourth step, each forum issued a post every day, and replaced with other account top >

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