estimates you have encountered, the song QQ messages sent 12590 friends like, as well as ringtone advertising messages have been rather baffling pop, can not afford to go to the IE home page and so on, in fact, these are today I want to tell the virus, rogue client promotion, although I very hate this kind of promotion methods, but it is also a kind of promotion, today is here to do a simple introduction.

first we have to understand what is the rogue virus, rogue software. So what is the rogue virus, rogue software? Not to damage the computer hardware and software, steal information for the purpose, but to interfere with the normal operation of the user for the purpose, such as changing your homepage, automatic pop-up page, open the folder, lock the task manager, this virus called rogue virus; and some characteristics it has certain practical value but with a computer virus and hacker software; it is in the gray area between legitimate software and computer virus, also greatly infringed the rights and interests of the users of a computer software called rogue software.

this kind of promotion I do not do the technical details of the discussion, a brief introduction to the promotion of several forms of expression:

1 address bar hijacking: modify the default search results, pop-up ads, etc.. General web site, 3721, Sogou toolbar, Baidu Souba, have hijacked or monitor the address bar.

2 browser hijacking menu: automatically modify the browser menu, make your favorites toolbar automatically little things.

3 hijacked browser home page: simply put your first forced into a page, and even more to modify your registry, so that you can not simply change back to the original page.

4 suddenly found to ISP (Telecom or Netcom): access to a web page 404 error, automatic loading ISP (Telecom or Netcom) a reminder page appears floating! Pop-up IE browser hijacking. Recently the site automatically earn 114 belong to this category.

5 Netcom Telecom dial-up software evil: pop-up ads, can not be shielded. Play the advertisement is acceptable, but the best Internet broadband fee is avoided, let you play 10 times a day. In addition to their dial-up telecommunications software, you do not need to dial-up software, they can also pop up at any time.

6.QQ hijacking: the general form of QQ tail virus. Some people have an ulterior motive QQ spread the Trojan virus, commonly known as "QQ tail" and "QQ lin". The virus will secretly hide in the user’s system, the attack will look for the QQ window to online QQ friends send such as "go and see this, there are false news good things – like, to entice users to click a website, if someone clicks on the link for gospel truth it will be a virus the infection, and then become a drug source and continues to spread.

7: "tampering is to take a" and "

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