almost every QQ users will add a lot of groups, there are entertainment related groups, there are many marketers to promote products through QQ group. But no matter what the theme of the group, if you can not do a good atmosphere within the group, then there is no meaning. In the dead group must be very difficult to sell products, the active group is equivalent to a large flow of people downtown. The construction group is very easy, but people is more difficult, especially the newly established group of not a few members. This stage is to pull people desperately, can share the dry cargo way to attract friends into the group. For example: the webmaster exchange class group, if can share some practical webmaster tools, it will have a lot of personal webmaster.


each group has a core theme, for example: I would like to promote weight loss products, it would have to attract those fat sister into the group. The name of the group is best not to play too much advertising, such as a certain brand of weight loss group, who will be hard to implant advertising group aversion. Of course, if they are the main group, it is more convenient to promote weight loss products, into other diet related groups may be kicked. Especially those who joined the group’s advertising, the promotion has been eliminated, will not have what marketing effect. So do not use the software mass release spam.

The new

or just pull nearly members of a group, is not the first to think of a way to promote their products, but how to faster and the members of the group are familiar. For example: adhere to speak in the group every day, chat topic, chatter can not all be about to promote products. That will cause the members of the group of doubt and resentment, and then more and more members of the group interaction, you can visit their QQ space. Or Gesanchaiwu leave comments or praise, so insist on a period of time basically to other people who you have the impression. The last is how to maintain a good relationship within the group, conditional, of course, can also arrange offline activities, but this is indeed more difficult.

once the accumulation of the Internet is about the next step in the planning of how to promote their products, whether it is to promote what kind of products, do not rigidly implanted advertising. In the process of communication or communication with friends, by the way to inform the group of friends, so it will not cause resentment. Some connections, if your product quality is no problem, then you can sell. In fact, a friend to buy your products, mostly because you believe that people, so the promotion of products is to establish their own personal image.

in short, the use of QQ group to promote the product must first accumulate contacts, which requires a relatively long time and effort. Otherwise it is difficult to sell their products, in fact, WeChat marketing is the same steps and ideas.

source: Guangzhou green wind network original reprint must keep

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