Comrades, the villagers to the village, fast emergency collection! Small big announcements! Well, pig CMS adds new features, virtual goods can group purchase! Come onlookers


virtual goods can buy automatically send goods fast

careful friends may have been found in pig CMS this system background a new feature! That is the virtual goods group purchase! No matter what coupons, cash coupons, or what recharge cards, game currency, or what products to buy code, serial number and so on, can this function by using the new CMS pigs to achieve the group purchase. After the fans group, the system automatically shipped immediately. Simple, fast and convenient!

so, God used so the guards, is how to open the door for the micro marketing businesses


for example, suppose a dessert (don’t ask why is dessert, because of the small series is launched a preferential chowhound) activities to stimulate consumption, users need only 50 yuan will be able to store group purchase $100 cash voucher. So, how to do in the public number of such a buy event? This time, it is necessary to play the power of the new function of the pig CMS.

first, mainly in the background of the cash voucher for some basic settings, such as the original price of 100 yuan, group purchase price of 50 yuan, the 20 group purchase registration number, expiration date, check the "virtual goods" and so on.

After the

has been saved, download the form template for virtual goods in the managed virtual goods. The owner in accordance with the template fill in the cash voucher card number and password, and then upload form. In this way, the entire cash voucher of group purchase process is complete.

please note that it’s time to hang up!


fans in the dessert shop group purchase cash voucher, will receive the system automatically sends the card number and password. Fans in the effective date to go to the dessert shop for consumption, simply provide the card number and password can be arrived at!

small function has great wisdom to establish the image of accumulated reputation

do not look down on this feature, its role is not simple!

for businesses, "group purchase" two words implied benefits, has attracted a lot of fans attention; and pig CMS this new application, can make the system in the virtual goods group purchase immediately after the successful automatic goods". In this way, fans can get the goods they need at the fastest speed. Consumer experience is good, the fans on the business recognition and trust is also on the next floor. This will greatly enhance the business reputation and image, make the business day after the layout of marketing activities, more smooth.

looks very small function, but it can bring businesses and fans can not measure the benefits and convenience.

in addition, the system has a precise background

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