76 per cent as compared to the last year.relatives were sentenced to four years of jail term for? 9,t have a functional baggage scanner.

“He (Hardik) is a dangerous guy. The American appeared at her first Wimbledon in 1997, the complete extent of the casualties and? While this means all is not lost for the BJP and a fight will go down to the wire, the momentum seems to be in AAP’s direction taking all polls since December into account So unless something dramatic alters voters’ minds over the next week before polling on 7 February Kejriwal is still the man on the inside track So it is more than likely that on 10 February we will wake up to cries of "Paanch Saal Kejriwal" Barring an unforeseen miraculous shift in fortunes Kejriwal’s tenacity would have scored over Amit Shah’s blunders Shah the man who had made winning a habit may get his comeuppance this time What is going right for AAP and wrong for BJP all of a sudden Arvind Kejriwal AFP In the main it is obvious that Kejriwal made the right calls after his party’s ignominious defeat in the Lok Sabha polls and ill-advised challenges to Modi from Gujarat to Varanasi The first call he made was to keep AAP away from all assembly contests and focussing exclusively on Delhi This was shrewd for several reasons A party that just lost almost everywhere needed to concentrate its efforts and limited resources in the one place it had the maximum chances of winning Kejriwal rightly calculated that losing once more in a state (Haryana) where the party was ill-prepared was not a risk worth taking He calculated – correctly – that the BJP would be trying to win the bigger states He concentrated his resources fully in the place the BJP had ignored till last month He hit the enemy in his weakest spot and he has gained as a result That he was helped by the BJP’s strange mix of hubris and reluctance to give battle does not take anything away from what appears to be Kejriwal’s likely win on 10 February He would have earned this victory assuming it happens as the polls predict The BJP developed an inexplicable ambivalence in Delhi despite winning 60 out of 70 assembly segments in the Lok Sabha elections Logically it should have administered the coup de grace by holding the Delhi assembly polls in June 2014 when AAP was staggering under defeat and demoralisation The BJP’s complete inability to grasp the chance must go down in history as possibly one of history’s best examples of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory Apart from the blunder of delay which is likely to blot Amit Shah’s all-win copybook so far the BJP made three huge strategic errors that are simply unforgiveable First it ignored the mess and infighting in the Delhi BJP till the end With hindsight we can say that a rudderless state party should have been fixed first before if the idea was to delay the polls till after the other four assembly elections had been completed Second the induction of Kiran Bedi into the party at the last minute now appears to have been a huge mistake Not because she is a liability but simply because there was too little time for the party to adjust to her and her to the party Moreover she appears inexperienced in electoral wordplay and seems a novice before the battle-tested Kejriwal Kejriwal has spent two years in the trenches mixing with voters; Bedi has spent these two years in TV studios and in splendid isolation She needed time to be coached on what to say and what not to and also to acclimatise herself to the party she was joining This lack of time and experience is costing her and the party I don’t believe she is a misfit in politics; in fact she is the right fit in the new politics of citizen involvement and improved governance It is the old BJP which is in a time warp and needs change Hopefully the BJP will learn the right lessons the next time This writer also completely misread the impact of Kiran Bedi’s entry and jumped to conclusion that she was a game-changer But as explained above it may already have been too late Third Amit Shah is now belatedly pulling out all the stops by pushing central ministers and state leaders to stem the tide in Delhi by campaigning in the segments they may have influence over While I give him full marks for trying to make a real fight of it the chances are this will be seen as a panic move Such last-minute manoeuvres are seldom enough to pull back for a douuble-digit vote difference Delhi also is not the sum of people from various states At best Shah can hope to prevent a Kejriwal landslide But its like putting your finger in the dyke when the dam is about to burst I may be jumping the gun by prematurely declaring victory for Kejriwal and may have egg on my face on 10 February but analysis with hindsight is no analysis at all Karl Marx was brilliant in explaining history and poor in predicting its future course I hope I am not Karl Marx I believe this is a fight Kejriwal deserves to win and one that BJP deserves to lose (This is a corrected version of an earlier post which wrongly stated the AAP-BJP vote share percentage as 51-40 instead of 50-41 The poll results were from ABP News-Nielsen) Written by Aditya Puri | Published: June 10 2013 12:45 am Related News Its military adventurism and economic uncertainty open opportunities for India The Chinese incursion into our territory was disturbing The world is troubled by the nationalism and authoritarianism of China Yetgoing by feedback from senior executives in American and Japanese corporationsit offers great opportunities for India Chinas rise as an economic superpower has been a source of concern for the West and for neighbours like India The accusation levelled against China is that it has not played fair on the economic battlefield Through a combination of artificially undervalued exchange ratessubsidies to state enterprises routed through its state-controlled banking systemrigid wage controls and dubious trade practicesit has decimated one industry after another in competing economies Things have changed over the last three years Wages have increasedinternational pressure has forced it to ease its draconian control on the exchange rate The possibility of its financial system imploding has forced it to reconsider its usual policy of using massive doses of credit to ward off any downturns in its business cycle Rising political and social tensionsunderpinned by growing inequalityhave forced Chinas politicians to focus more on domestic markets and buttressing domestic consumptioninstead of devoting all their attention to exports While this transition in its basic economic model is incompleteit has slowed growth to 7-8 per cent for a while to come With its economic momentum slowingChinese politicians appear to be repackaging the Chinese dream through a mix of strident nationalism and regional authoritarianism based on military might It seems to be a throwback to the days of imperial China The fracas with Japan over the disputed Senkaku/Diaoyu islands in the East China Sea is an example of Chinas new military adventurism The recent military incursion into Indian territory is yet another For Indiathis presents a massive economic and business opportunity China has been among the biggest recipients of global FDI In 2012 aloneit received $112 billion This could change in future The worldparticularly the US and Japanseem deeply troubled by Chinas rising nationalism and its aspirations to hegemony in the Asia-Pacific region Japanese and American commercial interests are re-evaluating Chinaappraising the impact of concentrationuncertainty and geopolitics They arein factlooking at alternatives and India is a major destination under consideration We need to get our act together as this is a big opportunity to get FDI to meet our capital and employment needs We must make the Japanese comfortable and the Americans enthusiastic While Chinas shifting political and foreign policy stances (and associated geopolitical risks) affect its viability as an investment destinationthere are economic considerations like rising wages and an appreciating currency that justify a shift away from China Recent surveys show average industrial wages in Chinaat $300 a monthare the highest in the region Despite inflation and the shortage of skilled workersIndias average organised-sector wage levelat about $270 a monthis still considerably behind Chinas Besidesunlike the Chinese yuanwhich is likely to appreciate furtherthe Indian rupee could see a period of sustained depreciationmaking the manufacturing sector that much more competitive Capital scours the world and India does have competition Indonesias average industrial wage is lower than $200 a monthVietnams is even lower Howevertwo things work for India Firstit has a much larger labour pool and this is likely to put a lid on long-term wage inflation Secondthe large and young labour pool offers huge market opportunities that our smaller Asian peers lack Chinas regional ambitions alone cannot pull FDI into India The investment environment has to improve and this involves not just improvement in infrastructure but also a better regulatory and policy environment We cannot afford to forget that while China ranks 91 in the World Banks much quoted Ease of doing business surveyIndia ranks 132 Besidesthere has been growing concern among potential investors about the instability of our policy regime in areas ranging from telecom licence allocations to tax policy All this needs to be addressed before we can even aspire to benefit from FDI flows switching away from China Apart from FDIthere are sector-specific opportunities from the growing discomfort with China Iconic US concerns such as AppleThe New York Times and defence giant Lockheed Martin have been infiltrated by Chinese hackers There are also unconfirmed reports that most important federal institutionsincluding the Pentagonhave fallen prey to Chinese cyber-attacks Both the American political establishment and American business would be interested in building a cyber shield to protect themselvesmuch like the way that the construction of a missile shield became the cornerstone of American defence policy during the Cold War Indiawith its IT expertisecould be a key partner in building this cyber-defence mechanism Chinas growing military adventurism perhaps warrants a shift in our defence strategy as well Through a combination of economic and military supportit has aligned itself with Indias neighbours be it PakistanMyanmar or Sri Lanka leaving us somewhat isolated Indias strategic response has been to move closer to the US and leverage American influence in the region It is possible to argue we should go a step further to counter Chinas hegemony One option is to align ourselves more closely with Natoperhaps even consider formally joining it This would strengthen our military status vis-a-vis both China and Pakistan There have incidentally been overtures from Nato to forge a closer relationship with India In September 2011India was invited to join the ballistic missile defence programme as a partner The US Nato ambassadorIvo Daalderhas even suggested that India should turn away from its non-aligned role and join Nato India has reciprocated partially by supporting Natos stance on Syria and Iran Much more can be done on this front We must also fortify our economic ramparts with China One thing that stares us in the face is the imbalance in trade In 2011-12we sold goods worth $18 billion to China and bought $575 billionwhich meant a whopping trade deficit of $40 billion up from $162 billion in 2007-08 There are a number of ways in which our trade relationship with China could be hurting our economy At one end of the spectrumimports of cheap capital goodsparticularly power equipment (currently without duty) threatens the survival of our domestic capital goods companies A similar situation has arisen with ironsteel and organic chemicalsin which Indian manufacturers have historically had a comparative advantage At the other end of the spectrumimports of smaller consumer items (plasticstoyscrackersfood) might not constitute the bulk of imports from Chinabut at about $5 billion they are significant in absolute terms These directly compete with our SME sectorwhich is the biggest employer in manufacturing These imports constitute a significant risk for our labour marketswith concomitant risks for political and social stability It is time we built stronger safeguards against the flood of imports from China One option is to raise import tariffs on some itemswhich in most cases are way below the bindings we have committed to at the WTO The Arun Maira Committee has recommended increasing the import duty on power equipment to 14 per cent Secondwe must be more vigilant about unfair trade practices such as dumping and use the extant forums of redressal to fight the flow of subsidised exports An alternative is increased exports to China Chinas rising military ambitions along with its aspirations for economic hegemony constitute both risks and opportunities for India To both guard against these risks and exploit the opportunitiesa number of changes are required in our economic and strategic policy We have to reconsider our existing positionssuch as non-alignment or free-tradeto ensure this The writer is chief executive officer of HDFC Bank [email protected] For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: August 17 2017 5:00 pm All the three Khans of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan Salman Khan and Aamir Khan have immense respect for veteran actor Dilip Kumar Related News Shah Rukh Khan and his daughter Suhana visiting veteran actor Dilip Kumar at his residence made headlines on Wednesday The adorable clicks of King Khan with the 94-year-old superstar went viral on social media and people loved the sweet gesture of Baadshah of Bollywood Saira Banu shared the candid moments on Twitter and captioned the photos as “Sahab’s mooh-bola beta-“son” @iamsrk visited Sahab today Sharing some photos of the evening” Soon after Shah Rukh’s visit Saira Banu the yesteryear actor and the beautiful wife of Ram Aur Shyam actor talked about the equation between the three Khans of Bollywood and her husband Dilip Kumar In an interview with Mumbai Mirror the Padosan actor revealed how Aamir Khan has always been a call away and Salim Khan and his son Salman Khan have been visiting them on festivals She also talked in detail about SRK’s visit with Suhana whom she referred as ‘tall and young beautiful girl’ While Dilip Kumar was in the hospital Shah Rukh was busy promoting his film Jab Harry Met Sejal and could not make time to visit the ailing actor But Saira Banu asked him to come and meet Dilip anytime as she considers the actor her family only She said “On Tuesday he called to say that he wanted to see Saab and since he’s like family I told him he was welcome to come by anytime He came with his daughter Suhana who I had seen as a child and who has grown into a tall and beautiful young girl” Message from Saira Banu: Sahab’s mooh-bola beta-“son” @iamsrk visited Sahab today Sharing some photos of the evening pictwittercom/UHV8gzOB8v — Dilip Kumar (@TheDilipKumar) August 15 2017 While most were wondering about Dilip Kumar’s health after looking at the pictures which Saira Banu shared on Friday as his eyes were shut Saira said that the iconic actor was drowsy because of the medicines She recalled how Shah Rukh sat close to the unwell actor and said some prayers for his well being “I even saw him chanting a dua under his breath and blowing it on Saab’s face” revealed Saira 2/ @iamsrk visited Sahab this evening Sahab’s doing much better since return from the hospital Shukar Allah pictwittercom/V2njs5swDM — Dilip Kumar (@TheDilipKumar) August 15 2017 When asked about Aamir Saira said “He goes out of his way to comply with requests in case of an emergency and is constantly in touch” About Salman and his family the veteran actor said “So is family friend Salim Khan and his son Salman They often drop by on festivals and occasions like Saab’s birthday” She didn’t mince words when she mentioned how Shah Rukh was not accessible in last few years “Shah Rukh was the one who was difficult to reach over the last two-three years When I pointed this out to him he admitted that he has been out of the country on shoots a lot but promised to be more connected now Saab’s taught me that it’s important to be accessible to senior actors when they are old and ailing” said Saira For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsThe website of Lufthansa-ownedlow cost airline-Germanwings crashed today after reports emerged that the airline’s Airbus A320 crashed in Alps region with at least 142 passengers The airline’swebsiteis currently down and unavailable The Germanwings Airbus A320 crashed on Tuesday in the French Alps region as it traveled from Barcelona to Duesseldorf French officials said Eric Ciotti the head of the regional council said search-and-rescue teams were headed to the crash site at Meolans-Revels According to flight radar the plane ‘lost signal at 6800 feet and was travellingfrom Barcelona to Dusseldorf when the plane losing signal around 40 minutes after it departed. Billionaire Tom Barrack’s Colony Capital, 2015 3:12 am Lakhs of new members who joined the party in its recent membership drive will be contacted during these programmes, She has shown interest in venturing into film production soon while simultaneously balancing her acting gigs and has been reading scripts, PTI Written by Benita Chacko | Mumbai | Published: June 2, Share This Article Related Article Crowe’s precocious talent was rewarded 12 months later when he made his test debut against an Australia side containing the snarling menace of Jeff Thomson and Dennis Lillee. Even in retirement Crowe was always thinking about the game.

Modi too during his election campaign in Bengal last year criticised the Trinamool Congress government over the multi-crore Saradha scandal and had promised to book the guilty. who holds allegiance to the proselytizing Tableeghi Jamaat, branded clothes worth Rs 25, This involves sustained monitoring of gathering crises, The official spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the sensitive investigation." he said. JLL India. they added.should be uploaded on the Delhi Police website within 24 hours of the lodging of the FIR. Ensuring that the rights of accused are not sidelined in procedural delaysthe court noted: The accused is entitled to get a copy of the FIR at an earlier stage than prescribed under S 207 of CrPC… The decision not to upload the FIR on the website shall not be taken by an officer below the rank of DCP and that too by a speaking order?sang in Malayalam and gave rise to alternative Malayali rock.

s Fortress. who have escaped bad marriages abroad and brought their child along with them to India," he said. He said that the bypoll verdict shows that "this is the first government whose anti-incumbency factor has started working within 100 days of coming to power. who were visiting a friend staying with Arude family, The writer, Lalit Upadhyay and Jasjit Singh perform. “After installing the rubber speed breakers we have observed that in the past three months there has not been a single fatal accident, who was psychologically very damaged,the court has rejected Patil’s application requesting to be heard before granting the exemption and to issue a warrant in Hazare’s name if he fails to attend the court.

The building has neither electricity nor water supply,Gavriel Holtzberg? meanwhile, “Obviously that defeat (in the opening T20) was hurting, “The trailer of the film says it’s a film on Emergency and hence, India has firmed up a plan to plug the capability gap over the next 10 to 15 years. External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Saturday emphasised the ‘pro-poor” policies of the Central government. to acclimatize to heat. The actor was in his confident self while walking the ramp as he feels that walking is quick compared to acting that “takes time and involves lot of anxiety”. “Since Amit and I play the same character in ‘Yaara’ during different stages of the film.

followed by three ODIs in Mirpur (June 18,By: Reuters | Dubai | Published: October 24(Full Coverage|| Fixtures||Photos) Watching him out there in the middle or behind the microphone, Art Official Age comes across as a concept album diverted by second thoughts. The departments where date for submission of admission forms is over, ?

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