2015 the Dragon Boat Festival is coming, the major businesses eager to the Dragon Boat Festival and swoop, take up the flow of the festival, for the high frequency brand exposure, the mobile Internet is so popular, WeChat marketing has become the preferred business marketing positions, so the Dragon Boat Festival is an important traditional festival can not easily let go. A good micro channel marketing activities dragon boat game plan can get.

1 festival atmosphere, enhance the sense of participation.

WeChat spread a wide range of small games have a feature: simple. In a certain period of time the hot cat surrounded by nerves maxed out my circle of friends is the use of the majority of fans keen psychological comparisons, and the game itself has the advantages of simple operation, even not to mention what fun, just move your finger to complete the game, and then get a score, enthusiastic score, it is people’s desire to win. Then the Dragon Boat Festival should be a kind of game is relatively simple and easy to spread? Now the WeChat third has been very much, the development of the game is beyond count. So, it is not difficult to find a WeChat game development. We can set the rules of the game, now you need to make a dumplings, glutinous rice and reed raw material to make dumplings, collect N raw material obtained after really a zongzi (can be converted into gold, Li) together because of the way forwarding circle of friends, more forward, more easily obtained raw materials, also the more likely to get gifts dumplings.

2 Dragon Boat Festival how can less of the Dragon Boat race.

in addition to the dragon boat festival dumplings, another major feature is the dragon boat race, many parts of the country still retains the Dragon Boat Festival and other traditional festivals, and welcomed by the people. So, WeChat marketing operators should pay attention to, to a small circle of friends dragon boat racing game in WeChat, let everybody come together in the Dragon Boat Festival Dragon Boat Race, the game model is very simple. Set a boat, touching the boat to move, touch the faster, the faster the dragon boat is moving forward, finally get the score is also higher (similar to surround nerve cat mode), a strong sense of holiday games are more vulnerable to the attention and spread.

3 to commemorate Qu Yuan, as a poem.

Qu Yuan is one of the earliest great poets in China, and the poetry and lyrics are all well versed. When it comes to this, you already know what I want to say. Yes, do a little game of poetry, choose a beautiful antique class template, fans after the input into a brush font, really like myself with a brush to write poetry. Many people have the idea of becoming a literary youth, so, with the introduction of the Dragon Boat Festival poetry activities can also meet a lot of people’s hearts when the poet’s desire.

4 Dragon Boat Festival father’s Day Qi Qi battle

a little more careful can be found, the Dragon Boat Festival and father’s Day is actually linked together. The Dragon Boat Festival Dragon Boat Race, salted egg, drink realgar Yellow Wine, hanging calamus and other customs. Since father’s day and Dragon Boat Festival together into battle, then planning a period of "please eat dumplings" activities should be

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