1, realistic

understand themselves and the audience is a major factor in the successful operation of the blog. There are too many bloggers started to write all the things they are interested in, soon exhausted. This is because when you want to include everything, there are too many things to write. So find out the location of your blog, want to write the content and the positioning of the reader, is the key to the successful operation of the blog.

2, passion into

passion is contagious, if you don’t love yourself in the blog to write something, it is difficult to have enthusiasm, so you should be really interested in things, to find their own love tone and maintain consistent style. Passion comes from blogging to dozens, hundreds or thousands of readers.

3, often updated

often updated not only for the blog, but also a prerequisite for success. If you can’t do it at least once a day, you don’t have the potential to make the most of it. Updated blog is mainly based on two factors: increase the preferences of search engines, readers like fresh content. Search engines like fresh air, the more frequently updated web site, the search engine will be more frequent visits, so you can make your blog is often included in the search results. Once the search engine trust constantly updated content, will be able to improve the ranking of search results in the blog.

4, a large number of links


link is also known as the "blogosphere currency", most bloggers link is placed for two reasons: Based on the topics of interest, love their blog links. The link itself is valuable, so setting up links can show the reader and the user what you are interested in. You can link blog better, readers and other bloggers have more attention to you and your blog.

5, in other blog message

is the key to the success of enterprises or individuals to establish a blog. For most enterprises, the alliance is mixed with people of existing bloggers, new resources and influential industry, as well as employees, partners, suppliers and customers. Your alliance of interests is an ally of interest to you and an ally of interest to you. The message in your interests alliance is to make these bloggers and their readers know they may be interested in your blog. We most often find a way of new blog is through the common link, if you can involved can get more traffic, you can with other bloggers and their readers to establish relations.

6, happiness within

blog is full of fun. Yes, although it is a very formal blog is a way, it can significantly change the network enterprise face, change the customer’s opinion of you, but it must also make you happiness within – you can try something new, interesting website links.

7, "

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