the first to show that, in not the title of the party, will not play word games, today just want to do sit down with you discuss the trend in the mobile Internet, individual businesses and local entities through the network to how powerful.

mobile Internet is an opportunity, I think no one who doubt. We walked in the street, eat in a restaurant, gathered in the tea room, sitting on the bus, look at all in what? Micro-blog, WeChat or Taobao, or pops… I think everyone will understand, I am not here to say. In short, the sooner to catch the wave of mobile Internet is better, I give you share some dry cargo.

mobile Internet Nuggets micro-blog

you can think of a micro-blog account can be a small shop on the water do ten? Yes, a little girl in Chengdu to do (and so on, you don’t see my frozen chicken, something). I think, hundreds of thousands of monthly water in Web2.0 today is not what the legend, every people understand the point of computer operation can be achieved as long as the heart. Little girl, originally in Chengdu, a flower shop, a few years after the accumulation of some industry experience and the funds invested fifty thousand yuan in Chengdu, Qingyang rented a storefront began his career… Early because I do not know the operation more difficult, the monthly water at about four thousand or five thousand, all January, faced with high rents down just enough to store a variety of operating costs, almost no profit. The little girl under the urgent need to promote the way… At a friend’s suggestion, he opened a shop from micro-blog, and his friends began to accumulate local fans, and make friends to broadcast promotion, do some shop in micro-blog’s activities, and to keep updated new varieties in micro-blog, do some very distinctive products and engage in some promotional activities in the great festival, immediately in a short period of time has accumulated a large number of fans. After the customer after use of the beautiful experience also share in micro-blog to increase customer trust and support for orders. Now, the little girl’s orders from micro-blog Chengdu 6 basic private letter orders, and the performance is also growing rapidly. For this kind of cost free, light promotion way, little girl gains a lot, and now called his own understanding of the Internet cousin micro-blog management…

mobile Internet nuggets WeChat

I have a girl friend do, he had in Taobao, Taobao in the face of fierce competition on the operation of the production, strict management, complex, do quite bitter, the share of sales is quite limited, after she focused on the WeChat circle of friends, the use of spare time to send some photos to share products. Some experience, do not need to design, no strict control of Taobao, the acquaintance, slowly opened up the situation, the volume also rushing. With the growing customer base, WeChat friends more and more, the demand is also more and more widely, they introduced more categories >

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