marketing in the present is the fire fights, many companies in droves, but some people are happy people worry, to know that WeChat is not a universal formula, WeChat wants to borrow a hot one, then they would know their own suitable for WeChat marketing.

from business circle exchange information, most often noticed by users of WeChat, in addition to the media, from the media, the media, the rest is mainly: Food and beverage industry, banking services, network operators, offline retail.

first talk about the food and beverage industry. Most of the public accounts of the food and beverage industry is going to take the functional route, such as allowing the guests to check the menu, download a coupon, order a takeaway, such as. There is a large part of the business focused on send coupons, such as KFC have a special coupon for WeChat is "KFC coupons". Most of the chain of food and beverage WeChat activities are going to discount, coupons, gifts and other routes, but the crown on a different gimmick. For example, a Hand-Pulled Noodle shop had WeChat public number to send edible oil activities, the same is simple and crude, but effective. Investigate its reason, nothing more than the following:

fast food "instant" consumption characteristics, everyone in the daily diet needs, this high demand can make WeChat in matching demand when get a large number of consumers. Consumers can make a decision in a very short period of time, any one WeChat news may become the key to consumer decision-making. For example, you want to go out for a meal but I do not know where the people, when you open the WeChat to see a number of public news of the food chain, and do not see the content will have to consider to eat.

offers a great temptation to fast food consumers. Whether the shop or international hotel chains, as long as want to increase traffic so preferential is most commonly used by the bait, offers this way for dietary needs, will undoubtedly promote effectively the consumer purchasing decision.

restaurant has a natural advantage. WeChat’s two-dimensional code can be directly arranged in the shop, through the shop to guide consumers to pay attention to WeChat public. Chain catering with WeChat + preferential marketing methods, low-cost operation, as long as the attention to keep the general will not do.

is the second service enterprises as the representative of the bank, China Merchants Bank, WeChat marketing can be said to be one of the most successful examples of domestic, in the promotion of the first link bottle accelerates the fan increases, but the real highlight is to realize the function of China Merchants Bank: China Merchants Bank Credit Card Center, WeChat public can query account balance. In China Merchants Bank after the major banks have launched WeChat public account. For example, China Construction Bank, industrial and commercial. Why do these types of enterprises to do a good job marketing WeChat


is the user needs to fit, WeChat, allowing customers to immediately check the bank account information, is more convenient than the telephone consultation, the bank also took a fancy to the functional advantage of WeChat, as long as the good user experience, so to attract fans can be said to be easy.

: the gradual improvement of the user experience. Major banks

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