[Abstract] the car itself becomes a huge data collector and a source of information that can generate a lot of data.


Tencent technology Liang Chen reported on October 5th

"no need to say anything, just look out the window." Sitting on the 20 floor of the World Trade Center building, Xia Lebei, general manager of Intel China, said, we initially calculate each year (China) due to traffic congestion caused by the loss of value reached RMB 250 billion yuan". This value is based on the time loss caused by traffic congestion, according to the results of these time cost conversion.

, however, she also believes that there is a greater chance. Intel research results show that China’s total passenger car for 154 million units, after the United States ranked the world’s top second, and by 2020 each year, the number of motor vehicles sold in China will reach 40 million units. From the automotive manufacturing, transportation regulation, vehicle company management, as well as individual drivers, can have the technical innovation and optimization of space.

and Xia Lebei also value the market were Ma Zhe, vice president of Tencent. He was responsible for the Tencent map business, and now he will be more energy to the car networking. Ma told Tencent science and technology, the future of China will be connected to each car, the market is very large." Tencent in the launch of the car networking hardware products, and announced a variety of software products, including the vehicle open platform. Prior to this, China’s other two Internet giants Baidu and Alibaba also launched a solution for the car networking.

since 1885, the German engineer Carle · Benz in Mannheim made a tricycle with a 0.85 horsepower gasoline engine. The modern automobile has become an important means of transport of the people, but also an important part of modern transportation. In the mobile phones, watches and other people around the terminal device is gradually intelligent, the car has become another is considered to be the transformation of mobile devices, then took over the industrial development baton is a technology company.

because of this, the car itself has become a huge data collector, and can produce a large amount of data sources. In the value of big data is constantly being excavated today, the modern road traffic travel or therefore change.

chip technology to promote intelligent vehicle

The role of

data was first applied to the driving experience, because without him, the former is most easily perceived by ordinary consumers.

Lebei appears in the summer, the driver should get the most experience is to keep the interconnection with the outside world at any time". From the mobile terminal point of a physical point of view, should be the driver, car and provided real-time Internet access to information, which can provide a more optimized driving experience.

a concept called "ADAS" (Advanced Driver assistance system) is

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