Sohu published "two rich generation entertainment Wang Sicong throw millions" a vote, Wang Sicong said to throw ten million Bunny total vote, Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin’s son Wang Sicong, Sohu sued the company reputation infringement, and claims 200 thousand yuan. Yesterday morning, the case in Chaoyang Court hearing, Wang Sicong himself did not appear.

sued Sohu infringement claims 200 thousand

Wang Sicong prosecution said that in July 21, 2014, Sohu and all Sohu network subordinate plate Sohu entertainment published a report on the rich two generation of Wang Sicong throw ten million votes. Said there are informed friends broke the news, Wang Sicong SNH48 combination of love and care for the rabbit girl, not only take the initiative to take a photo, but also from the dig ten million yuan to vote for its general election…… The report also attached a picture, the picture is Chinese bank check, display a check payable to Shanghai four Barbie star culture communication co.. Reported that the company is a combination of the rabbit girl brokerage firm.

Wang Sicong believes that the report is completely the defendant make groundless accusations malicious fabricated false facts, and picture check does not have any relationship with the plaintiff. The prosecution of Sohu and infringement Beijing Han Hua Yi graphic picture Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Beijing Han Hua"), Han Hua Yimei (Tianjin) Image Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Chinese Tianjin"), is required to remove infringing content, the three accused a public apology and compensation the plaintiff losses totaling 200 thousand yuan.

argued that the contents of the case have been deleted

Sohu said that due to Wang Sicong on his personal micro-blog published a statement of objections to the text involved in the case, the company on the night of the deleted, including the text of the page, including the case, it does not constitute infringement. The other two defendants believe that the text has been deleted, the plaintiff claims the amount is too high and the lack of evidence to support the fact that the request to dismiss the prosecution.

was added to the third person, said the photographer, as early as he provided pictures of the company involved in the photo, there is a similar picture on the network. It has been publicly available information on the network to the picture company, although the text has been re processed but did not change the original intention, there is no subjective intent of infringement. In addition, according to the law, if it is false reports, only in the correct circumstances refused to assume the tort liability. The contents of the case have been deleted, the plaintiff did not have an impact and serious consequences.

photographer did not verify the true picture

asked the judge and the defendant Zhongmou three graphic verified, Beijing Han Hua said, according to the agreement between the company and the clock, clock provides a picture must be of their own creation, enjoy the copyright, also agreed to not contain the contents of infringement of right of reputation, the company no longer separate verification.

Sohu said that Han Hua Yi is the largest provider of China entertainment pictures, we have corresponding to their faith. A photo of Wang Sicong and bunny is Wang Sicong himself published, then provides a picture picture check Han Hua Yi, so the company has reason to believe is true.

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