search engine has become an integral part of most people’s lives, some enterprises have realized the traditional search engine to bring economic benefits, including some walking in front of science and technology at present the enterprise automation, also started the network war is like a raging fire. So, whether it is some simple pay promotion, search engine optimization of some La Tortura beverages can bring economic benefits to you? The answer is no! Then we together to analyze how to use search engines to connect your trade enterprise automation.

first of all, we want to know your customer base, that is to say, who are your customers?

simply, you have to have your own theme. For example, the scope of the company is operated by the programmable controller, that if your site’s theme is now a programmable controller, machine tools, electronic components and even deviate from the automation industry, the result is self-evident. So you have to build your website into a store, not a grocery store.

next, we need to know what your potential customers are searching for.

The content of the

search is nothing more than three kinds, one is the navigation search, one is the information search, and the other is that we are concerned about the transaction search.

for example, we know that the "SIEMENS" brand, but do not know his official website, now we search "SIEMENS official website", this search method called navigation search; if we need to check the weather, or query OMRON information, we can search for "OMRON group" in the search engine; at the end of a transaction search, for example we need to customize a non-standard automation equipment, so we will generally be in the search engine search "in certain areas of non-standard automation equipment manufacturers have what, in this way to find manufacturers.

  search terms and their value

it’s so obvious that you already know what your keywords are…

finally, explore how to transform your precious traffic.

conversion flow is our ultimate goal. Simply put, only your content enough to attract users, your product is good enough to successfully convert traffic, these content has exceeded the theme of this article, please continue to focus on the 91 automation network.

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