Written before two forum propaganda method (on) and refined articles (in), this change a topic, write some specific ways of traffic exchange, because some owners often ask me what is the specific traffic exchange, on my QQ while also telling them not clear. There are a lot of ways to exchange traffic, small and medium sized sites and large web site traffic exchange, but also different. I (mcq0544) here on the first to know the flow of small and medium sites to share with you.

a friendship connection

first said that we are most familiar with an early friendship connection, a lot of webmaster is hoping to change the flow from the other side of the site. The general choice of similar or related sites do friendship connection, traffic will come more, but also more targeted. And your many sites do friendship connection, and improve the PR value, search engines are more likely to be timely capture the benefits.

two, traffic alliance

now there are a lot of different kinds of traffic union. For example, the early "text chain" mid "pop alliance" and some time ago to compare the fire "millions of lattice are in fact flow alliance. Although we can get some traffic from these alliances, but will have a negative impact on the site’s appearance. So the regular website will not join the alliance. Are generally some urgent needs of small sites. In particular, some beautiful pictures network, to join the flow of such special alliance. In order to understand some new, I would like to say in detail the flow of these alliances.

1, text chain

remember when he was the first time to do personal home page, plus a few text chain, such as E chain Tai Chi chain, etc.. Text chain is equivalent to a disguised friendship connection, but the friendship connection is generally placed on the bottom of the site is not obvious position. Text chain is placed on the site by any site, the title of the text chain website is also more popular.


window Union

is a name in the pop-up window union form to exchange traffic, I (mcq0544) contact with the window Union has two. The 1 is to add a lot of window union of similar sites, these sites will pop up a same complex page, the page is complex all joined the alliance website site, according to the number of their pop IP arrangement, playing many sites in the complex natural ranking page is also high, by netizens click the opportunity is relatively large, the flow is more. Join the second window union many sites, each other random pop-up the home page of the site, the site of this window union to join the League had a request, play home can’t put pop, and Trojan virus etc.. I use my own website after the first pop alliance, a good time to more than 1 thousand IP a day, there are hundreds of poor flow of time. Of course, the premise of your site should also be able to play some of the flow out.

3, mega lattice

this is some time ago from abroad

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