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Firebrand website and TV show last week sparked a debate about whether advertising can be viewed as content. If they can be marketers related information transfer to consumers through the right platform, so as the content of advertising can play a very big role.

In the case of Firebrand, the most common comment on

is that it is a good advertisement. Advertising can be promotional cars or sales of cat food, as long as the ads are well executed it, then it’s theme is not appropriate.

we all know that the Internet will have a great impact on the success of any product that is being implemented. The Internet drives our media strategy, buying strategy, and even the type of advertising we choose.

we can fashion beauty products as an example to analyze. This is a lot of businesses are engaged in the product industry. Most of the target groups in the market are young people with new trends and influence – and they are also frequent users of community and video sites. By using the method of this excellent opportunity for marketers is to design a creative marketing means such as through the form of advertising to create content, especially some business based on the advertising model on companies to do so.

most of the media buyer is familiar with the website, this is mainly because the company will flow, consumer generated media stratosphere (through a huge network of partners it blog) and a prominent way of promotion brand customers of this combination of the three. If you want to be in the Internet users who have the consciousness of individuality and fashion conscious to improve your product exposure times, Glam will take your product delivery to its partners blog users to let them through text or video form submit comments and personal experience.

The content of

in this way is true for consumers. Glam did not tell its blog users (these blog users are sharing advertising revenue) what should be said. But they have reached a tacit understanding of the tacit agreement on the comments are positive information.

Ford model, the company has a history of 60 years and has also played a leading role in Sharon Stone (the film’s leading actress) and Angelina Julie. As a company with a history of several decades, B2B has been the model and brand and retail users match. Now it has built a digital B2C site and introduced content ads in the form of video last year. The company also established a studio digital products and all trends began to track models, makeup artist and hair stylist. In their makeup, hair accessories and clothes have become a fashion.

when the method is used by advertisers, the Ford Motor Co will first identify what its advertising is intended to be (such as increasing consumer awareness of new cosmetics in spring), and then check it

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