From the perspective of

website promotion, RSS can make a web site by publishing a hyperlinked title to the content of the website "aggregation" to the client to subscribe reading software, similar to e-mail communication; from the perspective of the construction of the content, the RSS can also be used as the site to gather news content, avoid the tedious work of manual collection and edit. Not only that, through the RSS to build web content is also closely related to search engine optimization.

1, RSS information source for the site to establish a rich text associated with the theme of the content

In fact,

, RSS information source subscription are conducted around a theme, the theme can be determined by setting the keyword, so if your site keywords is MP3 player, you can define a MP3 player, MP4 player, MP3 player, with a keyword in the title, is aggregated into your site link title with the core of your keyword, the linked article is also related to the theme of the content. So the content of the website without editing a text on the continuous automatic build up.

2, RSS information source to constantly update the contents of the site to attract spider frequent

search engine, a constantly updated content of the web site search engine spiders great attraction, it will frequently visit your site index new content. In this way, you can also add a new page to the site.

some of the source site provides RSS information source content is a java code, and java search engine is very unfriendly, you will not get the RSS information read. So what you really need is the code that can parse the RSS information source and send it as a HTML content to the web site.

this can be achieved by using server-side scripting languages such as PHP or ASP. As for how to achieve specific, I do not understand technology, please consult your technical staff.

, however, for those long-term copy paste and deliberately omitted from the website content of people, let them give so many outbound links on its website that half they thought also but to turn.

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