2011 is destined to be the year of micro-blog, micro-blog has continued to cause hot micro-blog open room, Jocie Guo Red Cross and other micro-blog events, many companies have begun to focus on doing business micro-blog marketing, but has always been unable to find a good model. Network marketing consultant Guo Yongfeng share with business owners how to make use of Sohu micro-blog micro-blog marketing strategy.

a, Sohu micro-blog fast ranking techniques

is now a lot of companies have started to do SEO, but after all, it takes a lot of time and energy. Due to the need for Sohu micro-blog certification on the opening of Baidu platform, so Sohu micro-blog included fast. As long as the appropriate competition keywords, in particular, enterprise product words, there will be a very good ranking. The scene with the boss of the company to share the entire operation process:

first step: register

this registration is very simple, it is worth noting that the name of the registered micro-blog, be sure to fill out the enterprise to promote the product term or keyword long tail word, is conducive to ranking.


second step: fill in the personal profile

in the personal profile of the column to write 3-4 product keywords, make a coherent statement of superposition.


third step: hair micro-blog

continuous micro-blog, so that the search proved that the micro-blog is in use.

fourth step: waiting for Baidu included

is best in Baidu post bar, know where to leave the micro-blog link address, let Baidu fast included, or in the high PR, seconds of the web site.

two, the use of micro-blog’s strategy

this strategy is not a fan strategy, is a fast effective strategy, is to use SEO rankings to win users.

1, micro-blog content

First of all, the content of the product with the

keyword, then leave the product page URL, and finally leave contact. Content search engine for not too many requirements, but for the enterprise marketing, content is very critical, not only can improve the official website traffic, but also can bring many users.


2, using the group micro-blog mode

registered with the product of a number of long tail keyword form, to achieve the form of micro-blog cluster, the effect is bound to have a great impact.

three, this micro-blog marketing strategy drawbacks

Sohu micro-blog this rapid way is not stable, this is not a long-term solution. Guo Yongfeng speculated that when Baidu big update again, there will be a big change, so this approach is suitable for fast marketing companies, fast profit skills. Although the group micro-blog model will bring good marketing impact, but stand in the long-term perspective

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