ebook promotion is often a lot of people report methods commonly used, but has been applied to the promotion of many sites, such as Alibaba early launch: "foreign trade network marketing handbook", the purpose is to educate people how to through the network to do foreign trade, at the same time, apparently in order to promote Chinese supplier members. The use of e-books do promotion, if the book is good, can realize the effect of virus marketing, more important is to make the audience recognized you from the bottom of my heart, a step to achieve the user from understanding your site to acknowledge your website, the conversion rate is very high.

B2B industry portal site how to make ebook? Teams have little technology, marketing and management in industry talent, but we have the resources, the B2B industry itself is a website in order to integrate resources and created, but the network browsing, show the way to extract information, especially for technology, marketing management knowledge, not in itself with the change of time, how much will change, at least some of the article, about 3 years of life value is the. And often come to the Internet, usually only look at the latest articles, rarely to search the essence of the previous content, as well as some users themselves busy, it is difficult to have the patience to pick a good article.

In view of the demand of

, the electronic journals, the article illustrated, select the essence of the article, more conducive to the editing of reading, using the latest production technology of electronic journals, according to the year 1, or 2 times a year, if we do well, we certainly will spread to each other, to achieve on the website of low cost viral promotion, here to introduce in detail:

1 B2B industry website how to make ebook

on how to make the e-book industry website, simple, very easy to say, is the content of the site is selected strictly in strict accordance with the requirements of editing, typesetting books, with illustrations, making electronic journals with e-book production software. But e-books, in addition to considering the benefits of the readers, but also consider a business model, what are the benefits of the site, the B2B industry website, it is to encourage people through the network to find customers, promotion of services, to the site to bring income; the other one is the B2B industry portal features, B2B industry portal there are a lot of practical technology, marketing and management knowledge, select the essence from these knowledge content, edited the book, which can provide knowledge to the user, but also enhance the website promotion, website brand. Here is a detailed description of how to make these two types of e-books.

(1) to teach people how to do marketing promotion through the network

is the most typical example is the "foreign trade network marketing handbook", in this case, not the main promotion fee, and the contents of the 99% should provide a knowledge, education consumers than forced consumers to buy to more effective, more conducive to the long-term development of the site, an industry website, divided on the middle and lower reaches, to choose the largest group.

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