is now playing more social networks on the Internet, whether it is QQ group or WeChat group, the survival time is relatively short, the reasons for the following will be introduced. Guardian Yuan Kun think the Internet should be holding the mentality to play, and play the game to comply with the rules.

we know that now the community has been divided into four forms: first, pure advertising group; two, we do not speak; and, three, advertising and red envelopes coexist; the four: constant value output.

basically up to two species, I believe we all do not want to stay. The third, from time to time there are ads, but from time to time there are red envelopes, so many friends are keen, but grab a red envelope to grab how much? Grab is an atmosphere, of course, or private package, right?. More and more friends are expected in the fourth community, the constant value of output, which has a condition: pay to enter.

paid to enter is not a big one, said the small threshold, which directly let some friends flinch, but it does not matter. Although the Internet needs a lot of users more time, but more important to accurate users. Is it clear to me whether to join a community: what I want, what the community is doing, can I solve my problems?.

Guardian yuan Kun found many friends have this problem: I want to do what I want to do. A lot of ideas are really good, a lot of thinking can really try, but really do, retreat.

Internet is indeed a lot of opportunities, but also let everyone die fast. In the network marketing and related workers chat found that many companies want to engage in network marketing, but a good plan to put there, the implementation of the problem. Because no one, no ability, no resources to do. Like SEO diagnosis, if you take the program does not perform, there is no result.

there are many companies have seen the impact of the Internet, but companies do not have this budget. We know that for the marketing process, the early investment in the latter part of the money is a necessity, the Internet is a good interpretation of the marketing process. The biggest advantage of the Internet: front profits even lose money, make money back. Today’s cross-border really play a lot of companies, because you rely on this money, while others come in, do not make money or lose money to provide this service, because he is the back-end to make money.

if your company sees the opportunity of the Internet, if your company has encountered the impact of the Internet, then you can try to play the internet. If you are a person, want to realize their value through the Internet, want to make money through the Internet, you can also play the internet. How to play guard Yuan Kun suggested the first to accompany others to play, join the pay circle, join the community is the best way.

network marketing should be how to protect Yuan Kun think network marketing first to solve the problem of thinking, of course, here refers to the marketing thinking rather than the Internet thinking we discuss. What is the idea of network marketing it is thought that the network marketing thinking: positioning >

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