why my movie station for half a month to IP has been stable in 3000/, most of the traffic from Google search and friendship connection access traffic.

let me talk about my movie station promotion method: Guang’an movie began to log on to the website, I know the search website portal to submit, to the Internet for several crack login software made a lot of news to go online, I was using the login software is well-known in the world and in the cavalry these two software, but this software must login two charges, I to the Internet under the cracked version of the first step: Second) thank graph king of the training course, I according to the method of inside wrote an article called "1000 free movie site" soft, then Shanghai crazy hair to each relevant website, spent a week, every day to send a dozen or two Kennedy construction sites, you can.

is the third step to the QQ group to release my movie website, as long as an on-line message on the past spring propaganda about my site, so that they are now a bit annoying me. There is also a free exchange of links with the film site, hard work pays off, after half a month of hard work finally IP to do every day to keep around 3000IP.

Welcome to visit my

movie station: http://s.v992.cn I am a novice, inappropriate, please master lots of advice about my

, thank you!

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