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before the program must do three things

1. is to look at the school there is no forum, if there is not a small amount of traffic, because the content of campus forums are almost the same, it is difficult for students to transfer or registration of two ID.

2. is to take a look at other campus forums, pay attention to what the layout of the fire, you can change the name of the borrowing. The third thing is to play a good relationship with the students, more points, more people know the best people to build their own school group.

3. is important: look at personal communication skills

    preliminary work is like this, I used DZ, a fresh template was proposed, this is very important, it is best not to choose dark, students! Let me talk about the key, now your forum is a piece of white paper, who saw this white paper will turn off your station.

      filling content which is the focus of my advice and manual collection and posting, my forum has two sections: one is the school edition, an entertainment board (music movies) which can be collected, but must choose the right station, movies and the like to escape by.

      5d6d, personal feel good, with Baidu search fast Supergirl station, it is also called content acquisition, and you didn’t see the desire. Whether it is collected or manual posting, quality first.

      manual posting personal sensation is the most important

      subject can choose some people seem controversial, such as a LZ view, 2 buildings can argue, debate, so that your customers see here will have a post desire, than the reply to more clever, personal feel, can see is really evil reply!

      school board posts must be based on students, let others feel this person I know, this woman or man how. Some people in the forum because of different views and arguments, is definitely not a bad thing, your content and the number of Posts up, others see your station, will not be turned off in 30 seconds on the basic success!

      let me emphasize again:

      1 post quality


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