"sometimes I say to myself, ‘there’s a panorama in your eyes, and you have a job." We always want to see something from a superior position, not only can see the future before us step half step away, and all the time, from the past to the present, and then somehow see distant future.

if I can find the location, but now I actually need to do, it seems that tomorrow’s report is prepared successfully, or a plan or arrange your desk, so that I can work well, or the most important of all, is the first to put the coffee on the table wash cup. In fact, what we do is a collection of practical, trivial things. But to be in the place where we want to go while the energies are occupied by these trivial things, we need to maintain some guidance in our minds to help us navigate."

at the end of the year to regain the Kenya Hara in "design" in the design in this text, many people feel a little sense of the absurd, that I began to think of a marketing person daily, in this bustling about a year too do the planning, creative, plan, plan, and in a different city, and ultimately meet the greeting sent, interviews, sorting table and wash coffee cup……

in the life foundation constructed by the appearance of these daily chores, on one hand we want to prove his progress, but on the other hand, in the heart constantly rewriting the "progress" on the scale, and is likely to continue for a new "ruler", which makes me feel a little confused, some anxiety.

found this anxiety to consider, this kind of "progress" cognitive fuzzy and uncertainty, while living in a "your Shuabing not my lonely" grid space and we live in a value being diversity and sub culture space generation, however the main reason lies in the new information, perhaps every circle of friends Pumianerlai, encourages us to "change" and the "possibility" of extreme abuse of overly sensitive behavior, and thus lost "insensitive", for those who do not easily change the facts become indifferent.

so much to share with you, as it is on behalf of his conclusion: want to overcome the anxiety, inner pleasure and self identity in depth, but still want to look "who you are? What do you want?" think more clearly, still need to spend long time to focus on is not easy to change basic facts; people and brands are such; on this basis, the following 5 is my attempt to outline the marketing people, in our hands "at the same time, the hearts of those in the long run will not easily change the" panorama "or" vision ":

first, the brand that is cognitive

if the marketing people recognized their own work is around the "brand", doing brand creation, management, optimization and upgrade, then we have to ask ourselves again and again, what is the "brand"



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