webmaster, almost all enterprises have lamented the original station SEOER, hard to do, the chain extension is difficult to do, but why do hard? No one further study, we are busy with the hair of the chain, busy, busy pseudo original, no time to think.


Enterprise Station original content difficult to do

haste makes waste, busy in the end, in fact we don’t really know what we have, what we want to sell? You only know the search engine, so marketing is difficult to achieve our marketing objective.

, for example, many of the Taobao customized website fully meet the business and provide the same product information; for instance, a lot of hospital website know to copy Baidu encyclopedia, pseudo original other sites – even their more vivid and classic cases are not, because as long as we do SEO on the line, no time to understand, also don’t want to know. What is more, the name and treatment of people hospital copy not mistaken.

in fact, all of the original content and the chain promotion strategies are hidden in our website provides service to the users "," SEO "in art, on the" selection strategy for the construction of "link right, the author to emphasize the form of" Small Title Review your website asset "importance.

We have all

marketing objects are our assets (capital), we have only a deeper understanding of these assets (capital), we should know how to make better use of these assets (capital), to achieve the chain marketing, website promotion purposes that we hope to achieve, and then achieve directly lead to higher the conversion rate of content marketing purposes.

unfortunately, we pay more attention to more people in more time is what we don’t have — "a sister Lin fall from the sky, hit me" good luck, no big tendril star attention to join, no massive advertising CCTV support, not even the website weight, a high not high weight chain too many resources.

is our root, so it can not blindly "follow the crowd", "conformity", to adopt the conventional promotion methods that "Earth people know" — in fact, even taking conventional promotion methods, but also to meet their own innovation, but out of the ordinary thinking to do, we can really achieve the purpose of promotion.


give me a fulcrum, I will be able to pry the earth (network picture)

Archimedes said: "give me a fulcrum, I can move the earth", so the fulcrum is our website marketing object of all existing resources, we need to use their wisdom, passion, time will it come out. Breakthrough point, it may lead to global change.

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