open their circle of friends, there are always some things to sell information, whether it is food or supplies, only you can not think, no they can not do. Some people even joked: if one day, I pull you black, please do not blame me, not because I hate you, but because I do not have so much money to buy your things. Therefore, people are more or less affected by the marketing circle of friends. So, what is the circle of friends marketing? In everyone crazy play WeChat marketing occasion, we really want to circle of friends marketing essence?

originally, circle of friends is to maintain a circle of friends feelings, it makes the feelings between friends more distance. And when someone saw this kind of zero distance relationship can bring another business opportunity, the circle of friends marketing began. In fact, the circle of friends marketing is the first marketing feelings, so that mutual trust between friends to increase the credibility of goods. In one way, it’s a little bit of chinese. Because the Chinese people like to use the relationship to do things, circle of friends marketing is a very real example. Indeed, some people have tasted the sweetness, because the increase in the degree of confidence in the sale of goods become more open. In my opinion, let us live in the development of the electricity supplier shopping more convenient, but another form of the circle of friends is actually the electricity supplier, but no matter how the forms change, the most important convenience is practical and valuable. And more than 90% of the smart phone friends will use WeChat, and each has a friend WeChat will use a circle of friends, and the use of marketing in which the value of space is very large. This is also a lot of people want to circle of friends in this circle of marketing is a very important factor.

but, in my opinion, the circle of friends compared to other electronic business platform has a lot of drawbacks. Why do you say that? Circle of friends, the original purpose is to maintain the feelings of friends, sharing each other’s lives. The electricity supplier is not the same, it is specialized to do electricity supplier, so more professional in the electricity supplier. The professional is an essential factor in this era of competition, it can bring the core competitiveness. So, want to let the circle of friends beyond other electronic business platform, there is a big gap. Because the gap between the two is too big, so want to catch up with the need for a very long process. At the same time, the circle of friends in direct sales of products are the most commonly used one way is through constantly refresh to increase their sense of presence, or by the relative price advantage to become absolute advantage, but it is very unwise. Constantly refresh will only make public resentment index doubled, because when a person is the same type of information brainwashing, will produce boredom, so this act may lead to be pulled into the blacklist. While the price advantage, it is more difficult to control, because when the network becomes very open, the price is very open to a certain extent, if you are not satisfied, all prices are of no value. So, in the circle of friends in the commodity marketing friends, need to think very well about this problem.

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