as we all know, the chain is a good way of promotion, but many webmaster in looking for the chain, there are many misunderstandings, I slightly lift the deficiencies, please forgive me! And I welcome the exchange of QQ546809192, personal forum:

. A misunderstanding Links; webmaster love to link website with LOGO pictures, this is a serious mistake, the picture links are not to be accepted by the search engine, the effect is poor. And the text link is very easy to be accepted by the

search engine!

two. When the chain should pay attention to; link before, be sure to find out whether the other site is included in the search engine! Don’t be linked to the site is K! This will only harm their own website!

three. The chain is not easy; the chain don’t too much, but better. The best with their own web site of the same type or PR higher site links, so that is conducive to search engine included!


above is my personal view, and I welcome the exchange! Soku. information copyright, so please do not delete the

communication method, thank you!

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