A: small and medium-sized website common promotion method

1: go to the forum to promote

this is my best at a promotion method, high time by this method can come to 1W5IP

see http://s.hi.baidu.com/mcq0544/blog/item/20955fdfebabe61349540333.html

in detail

2: search engine optimization

is now a lot of domestic websites are mainly rely on Baidu search engine to flow. I will not search engine optimization, even the station before the maximum time, also from Baidu to about 4000 IP.

see http://s.admin5.com/info/3949.htm

in detail



3: add fanchon abstract text chain

Alliance Forum

some time ago to join network map pick is very popular, these recent anti site traffic dropped a lot. When I was in the station of good luck, the highest in the league by adding a day to 3WIP.

Qihoo such as

(qihoo.com) banner paste easy to this forum alliance 365kye  5, fanchon China feeds free search and so on,


4: flow exchange

network has a lot of traffic swap Union, for example, is now very popular grid network, is the form of traffic swaps.

another Czech Republic (gjj.cc) 265 self-help chain is the form of flow swap.

even now every day from GJJ.CC to about 100 of the IP, but my pay is very small, do a simple friendship connection.

265 tried for a period of time, I think the effect is not good. In addition, I also have a website called the home of China’s website to do traffic exchange, a day can also come to a few hundred IP. Before high time through this method can come to 2000-3000IP bar.

beautiful pictures often exchange resources between the way, that is, in a clear position on each other in the site, put a very tempting heading to the other side of the site. Some of the relatively large flow of customers, through this method one day to several W IP


5: friendship connection

now feel useless no friendship connection before, even a friend gave me a website link, a day to 15 IP, if you can connect 1000 such stations, also 1W5 IP……………………… So the friendship connection or the starting point. And with PR high flow site friendship connection, it is easier to let your site is included in the search engine.


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