private hospital website editing, re optimization of or heavy marketing? From the private hospital around the recruiting website editor, mostly from SEO aspects: the original, tag tags, keywords, inside the chain, around a word and so are the evaluation criteria, it is just because of this, many hospitals website editor finally become a "Porter", the collected articles every day dull as ditch water to modify articles, upload the article……

There will be several websites every

in a private hospital for promotion station, station, but no matter what kind of station, many editors are working to appeal mode, can not be denied a website operation and development, is cannot do without SEO, but the medical website is a bit different, even if you can put all keywords the optimization to the home page, but the front for advertising out, can really come in a little after all through the optimization.

that is to say, give up optimization? Of course not, I suggest to do optimization while preserving the basic number, can arrange another number of key to marketing writing (optimization site editor do optimization, auction site editor marketing). The focus of the article is the conversion of marketing, both to write an article to attract visitors, so that visitors have the desire to consult, and then generate effective dialogue, appointment, visit.

1 article must be guided by the patient’s search intent to write

search is a therapy, patients may want to learn can be cured; there is no preferential search costs, economic patients may consider more search; hospital, patients are concerned about is the authority of the hospital; search experts, patients pay more attention to the doctors Zuozhen etc….

2 with

is very important

picture has been than words to attract people’s attention, symptoms at the beginning of a graph article posted on related diseases, to cause eye irritation, finally at the end of the article on the cured pictures, mutual contrast, enhance the patients’ desire.

3 learn to guide the patient what to do next

editor to write the article, I can not think of a problem for you to talk about all that can be seen, then the patient will be closed off the page. We should guide with ideas, for example, a patient wants to understand the disease related symptoms, we’ll give him a list of symptoms, symptoms of all finished? Finished, we started to introduce him what to do when the related symptoms or disease harm and so on, with a question, the patients were also introduced an article or directly into the business.

4 gives the patient a cure for life


do not blindly with the patient in our hospital is sure to guarantee to cure the disease, the treatment success rate, cure patients and so on, to tell patients hope rather than a good pre description of life with the outline of the future, into the scene good treatment effect, can let the fantasy to myself health will get rid of a lot of hardship and trouble.

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