new Adsense, you need to go to the promotion of new sites.

as a new station, no IP, no PR, no ranking, new sites do a few days up to several major search engines included, but no ranking. Like I did yesterday: adult goods station. So what do you do? I read this article is in the money didn’t go down, if you have the money that you don’t have to continue to look down, because of the money, you can buy Links, buy advertising position, or even to do for advertising, this website, I can even put the money in a Baidu keyword adults do go up, but this is not our poor webmaster can do.

these days I wondered how to promote my station, because my station is a station Adult supplies, the products listed after not how to update, because Baidu is new to also not hard-working, two days later still by Google only included the 13, but with GOOGLE’s less than Baidu. What I do now is to insist on updating every day, quietly waiting to be included in the normal Baidu. These days have passed, but I can’t wait, I don’t have the Baidu station development, I have to find another way.

I once thought go to release my web site, but this kind of junk information on search engine bad, although I did not expect to use the search engine to bring traffic, but I would not do such a thing, maybe someday the search engine included, do not have some more from the search engine to the crowd, then I think of QQ space message to others, I will go to QQ space message friends look at recent visitors he QQ space and then to the QQ space message, the content is "told you last time I want to open a website, I now have a good website address is…


said a little puzzling, mainly want to attract people to go in, but go in and what is the use of this type of station I estimated that only those who want to use those CMS owners interested. I do not stop hair, hair, nearly 100. And then waited for a long time, finally came to a IP, but he is not the QQ space. Think about the basic useless. No quality IP, I would like to consider the long-term development of the site.

The last time the

listen to someone in the group that universal marketing this software is good, I went online to see that the function is good, is also send spam messages, tools, database to save the forum BLOG, but not, the domain name in the search, there is no reverse link, again see prices scare me have so much money. Search the next version of the crack, others have to sell 50 of my 50 also reluctant to buy. I finally find a free version. Open look really good. Would like to try and do not dare, I made this is spam, and now Baidu also included 13 articles, in case of being finished by K how to do. Or for the long run. I just edited some of the content, under the test, it is easy to use it. But I really want this

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