Abstract: a lot of marketing at the back of infamy, often Kuyao don’t a called "result oriented" sword. Especially Internet Co, tend to pay more attention to the cold data, data well, push down the back, a lot of marketing behavior becomes reasonable, even idiotic behavior can become the top 10 creative.


is about ten days ago, a securities company mister ziyishenwang, net before death left a suicide note, only a few characters in the book:

Please do not


do not know after Liu Qiangdong today suddenly Suning sichanlanda, if want to put this sentence in the Jingdong’s website.

Suning last year after taking Tmall hit a slap in the face, this year will turn when stepping on their bodies to stand up to the Jingdong, in the newspaper on the three version of the ad, "if the Jingdong shelling really strong boss, why should the boss made headlines".

from the perspective of social communication. Indeed, steady, accurate and relentless, sharp, rhyme, interesting, good leveraging the power of Jingdong and because the boss of the gossip popularity and traffic for their own use.


estimates that two days before the tea sister announced in the online news of a pregnancy, synchronous Jingdong double eleven small ads, Shuabing money flow time, didn’t expect opponents to seize the handle, molested so badly.

Su Ning is very witty. But did the wit win


won on his mouth and lost

on his face

is a decent company in the public communication repeatedly to get the opponent’s family, women start to get the opponent, no matter how cute, it cheaper, the pattern also appears some narrow, winning is not very honored.

can be said that Liu Qiangdong and tea fell in love (good money will be able to marry the daughter of peers), then how to love the media headlines, the media gossip right. If you need to use the public Jingdong of the hot topic of the harvest flow, can only be said to be out, not what the moral blemish. But if outsiders, along with Jingdong on the slope next, tea pregnant endorsement of this point, mouth to bite, really a bit of that.


you don’t work hard, your daughter is held by peers. You work hard, you can hold the daughter of the same age!

from the past, the price of goods in the true and false attacks, rising to the personal attacks, the flow of battle between the electricity supplier, more and more absorbing the "rogue marketing" powder, addiction is big, make up did not know anyone, also in their most cattle X illusion. Even our side, side "all kinds of people despise tear forced wars see with relish, to develop the" rogue marketing "drug addicts can not shirk its responsibility.

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