for me, I should do in fact have a long history, in 05 years did the video playing a single page, for everyone to see the world cup, a few days also make hundreds of advertising, but it is not understand what SEO, just looking for a free space, by your interest, find the sense of achievement. Then settle a matter by leaving it unsettled never contact the website, this, now think really regret, if that time into this line, money can also get some.

The middle of last year with

SEO, slowly on the website and are interested in the domain name registration website program, to record all their single handedly, also complete energy process over the site, SEO basic knowledge and learning some, thanks to "SEO technology Longge exclusive group 01" (the first a SEO group added). In January, the new domain name has just come down on the domain name, it is a new station, but also in preparation for the work of Baidu.

yesterday a watch Spring Festival Gala program, suddenly thought of as a hot material, so when the program does not look back, back to the front of the computer to prepare. Release of good content on the website, want to go to the Baidu Post Bar promotion link, but the more lively time, post tube more strict, post with a link to a few seconds away, then I think Baidu know this place, since it is hot, do not hang in a tree, answered the problem is not more than 10, IP is a step by step up up, at 2:30 in the morning before going to bed is more than and 400 IP. This afternoon I went back to the IP has reached more than 1 thousand and 300, and really feel the effect of the promotion, so that my confidence doubled.

00:30-18:20 website background statistics

February 14th

because the site structure of the program and optimization of the adjustment is not stable, did not dare to publicity around, very few people know, the search engine ranking is also far from what. From the personal experience of the typical event, I think only good theme, suitable for the time and place, from the Baidu home to get IP traffic, but also can be achieved.

new year drop around no time to write down the pay New Year’s call, concrete, etc. two days a little time to write out to share, master never laughed at. This does not, the mother shouted to eat again… This article original, reproduced annotated from the sky bus – Sky84.CN

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