, the world’s largest domain name registrar GODADDY announced on Wednesday local time, the company no longer provides a new.CN Chinese domain name. Because of the new policy about domain name registration may affect the safety of users, and it may bring a chilling effect, the company decided not to provide a new.CN domain name, but will continue to manage the existing users already have.CN domain name.

some time ago due to the domestic domain to strengthen supervision of the storm, stationmaster confidence in the CN domain name has dropped to the freezing point, plus CN domain renewal prices as well as individual users cannot register CN domain name, domain name change to flee phenomenon has become a trend, the station in this case also removed from the CN domain. Many independent blog, to replace the domain name is not in the minority. The Goddady no longer continue to provide.Cn domain name for personal webmaster, the impact should not be too large.


GoDaddy announced second days to stop providing CN domain name registration act is not early or late comes after Google exit Chinese, which also further enhance the general webmaster for the domestic network environment concerns. From the beginning of last year, the Internet pornography campaigns to end off many small owners profit hope, even the top foreign websites are also not spared, the dissemination of information becomes more opaque, Internet users to participate in various discussions become more cautious, a large number of mercenaries to fully highlight the guiding force of public opinion. In the increasingly tight network environment conditions, the survival of the Internet has become increasingly difficult, personal Adsense earnings will become more difficult.

Goddady, Google recently quit to stop providing CN domain name registration services all show the serious lack of confidence in the domestic network, it reminds me of some people say "China Internet is open" similar remarks is ridiculous.

background information:

GODADDY is headquartered in Arizona, is the world’s largest domain name registrar, according to a number of monitoring agencies show that the number of sites placed on the GODADDY has ranked first in the number of. The company from April 2005 to provide.CN’s top-level domain name.