Business News International E-commerce giant eBay after a lapse of six years to return to the Chinese market. The selection of eBay, leveraging domestic luxury electric business network layout Chinese catwalk high-end merchandise market, but in the business enterprise are difficult to profit in the background, the prospects for cooperation between the two is not optimistic.

eBay yesterday, and serves network officially reached a strategic cooperation, open the "eBay style show" channel in the network serves. The channel provides 5000 brand products by eBay, covering clothing, footwear, accessories, packaging, health and beauty products and other lifestyle products, one-stop service Chinese serves network is responsible for providing sales, logistics, customer service, and payment.

for this cooperation, vice president eBay Chen Xiaofeng said in an interview with this reporter, "China is a very important market for eBay, the number of consumers in the first half of this year Chinese eBay English website to buy goods increased by 40%, while the Chinese eBay English consumers browse website for up to 17 million hours a day". Therefore, eBay believes that the opportunity to expand the business in the Chinese market has matured.

it is worth noting that Chen Xiaofeng has deliberately avoided the "return to Chinese", and claimed that the network serves cooperation "just now in the eBay on the basis of expanding business". "EBay has a very large business scale in China, with exports amounting to billions of dollars and a total of more than 1500 employees." However, eBay six years ago at China market is an indisputable fact.

since 2002, through the acquisition of eBay was the largest auction site eBay to enter the market after eBay Chinese, due to repeated failures in Chinese business, as well as by Taobao free mode the impact of eBay in China share continued to shrink, the end of 2006 will have to turn to the Tom eBay online operation, the two sides signed a 5 year agreement the basic content is eBay, not in China engaged in direct competition with the business of eBay, so eBay China completely defeated the e-commerce market.

six years ago, the shadow of the failure that eBay is still a lingering fear, to join the network serves to enter the high-end market, also seems to be to avoid direct competition with Tmall, Jingdong and other mass consumer electronic business platform. For the layout of the high-end market, serves network CEO Wenhong Ji said, "the domestic electricity business competition has become increasingly fierce, but the pattern of future electricity supplier will rewrite, which requires each electricity supplier find the target positioning of their differentiation and development, in this strategy we agree without prior without previous consultation with eBay".

eBay and the network serves are optimistic about the prospects for cooperation between the two sides of the industry, but that the two sides also faces a lot of difficulties. Serves network was founded in 2008 has yet to achieve profitability, in such a situation.