tool product definition, classification, status, development trend, business model exploration


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a, what is the tool

1, tool products are divided into several categories

first of all, I have to correct the idea, we often hear and even personally talk about the tools, but it may be very few people think about a question: what is the tool product in the end?

Zhang Xiaolong said WeChat is a tool, a lot of people say that Baidu is a tool, some people say that the Internet is a tool. In fact, they all said the count on, the range of tools can be large, but the theme of our discussion is obviously not so great, so I must tell you what is the communication tool, or determine this time we talk about category.

theory of all Internet products are tools, whether it is the browser, electricity providers, social, games, etc., as long as you want to add the tool two words in the back, the user can accept.

but since the development of Internet has characteristics of more accurate vocabulary to describe and represent various segments, such as QQ, WeChat is a social tool, Taobao, Jingdong, NetEase is the electric tools, news headlines today is an information tool and so on. Slowly everyone in the discussion of these products when the default is no longer add tools in the back, but only to say social, electricity providers, community, news". This is better able to summarize the characteristics of the field, allowing users to see immediately after this thing is to understand what.

now, when we say "Taobao is tool", "WeChat is a tool they feel is not accurate, but we say" beauty map is a tool "and" ink weather tools "will be very natural. We have completed the process of receiving information in the initial classification of Internet products: WeChat is social, Taobao is the electricity supplier, NetEase news is the media, etc..

so what is in the minds of users Mito? What is the ink weather


you will find that in the process of defining these products, there is no choice but to make the picture more understandable by the end of the "picture repair tool" and "weather app". These areas are too small, do not have the ability to let the public know the education market "picture repair" and "weather" and "business" and "social" the same level of the Internet field, but can only be unified in the "tools".

such a rough, there is no clear standard classification of course, there is a great problem, according to the classification of the conclusions obtained naturally do not fly. I try to use my understanding to define "pure tool products"".

(1) tool products to address the needs of a single

we try to think about: what does the user want to achieve through WeChat (particle size to be broken, can not be directly)