August 31st news, recently circulated on the Internet a part of the webmaster is closed Baidu advertising management system. The Baidu confirmation, which is following the Baidu statistics, Baidu developed a online advertising management system — "Baidu advertising manager", this system is still in beta stage. Industry experts predict that Baidu’s move to meet the urgent needs of millions of websites in China, its products will be widely recognized.

          according to the introduction, the system by virtue of free, professional, easy to use the three major advantages, will better help the site for professional advertising management, advertising and data statistics. It is said that this system will be fully free policy for users. The launch of Baidu advertising management system, combined with Baidu statistics, will provide solutions China website advertising management, advertising monitoring set, provide professional service will get a boost Chinese online advertising market.

          after the confirmation to the Baidu, Baidu advertising Butler provides the main features include: advertising management, advertising, data statistics and other statistical analysis related services. The system can be directly converted into data analysis needs to be analyzed, the data can be analyzed in the region, date and other ways to show the human nature of the analysis of the data, easy to operate easy to use.

          the system for the website, according to the needs of advertisers on the fine, to achieve regional, access, date, browser, browser language, operating system, resolution, source domain, a total of 9 people visited URL, directional distribution, and support a variety of forms of advertising materials. Including text, pictures, and rich media, Flash. Web site can easily meet the needs of advertisers, and according to the needs of advertisers tailored to the form of advertising they need to make advertisers to increase the accuracy of advertising to maximize the value of.

          Baidu advertising Butler’s launch, the first benefit is the Baidu Union’s nearly 300 thousand sites. They can rely on the Baidu advertising housekeeper more effective management of Baidu alliance provides advertising, for example, they can use the complementary function of Wangmeng to promote cooperation to make high-quality advertising is no longer free, to maximize profits. It is said that there are tens of thousands of sites linked with Baidu alliance, can not wait to experience the system. There are insiders, Baidu has decided to accelerate the speed of product beta, I believe that Baidu will become Chinese website advertising housekeeper intimate advertising housekeeper.