technology news July 4th morning news, according to the provisions of Beijing profit shop next month to do a business license, Taobao, eBay responded to Sina Technology, said the provisions only for Beijing area, not suitable for Taobao, eBay and other national platform.

the above two companies believe that the introduction of the provisions of the state can be seen in the positive attitude to cultivate and standardize the e-commerce market, but the relevant work can not be achieved in one step. For example, the existing conditions of e-commerce platform it is difficult to distinguish between for-profit and non-profit shop.

does not address the national platform

in Beijing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau official website, a "on the implementation of the" Regulations on the promotion of informatization in Beijing city "(hereinafter referred to as the" Regulations ") to strengthen the supervision and management of e-commerce" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") quietly announced. The "opinions" pointed out that the August 1st Beijing profit shop must first obtain a business license to operate, and the operators of external publicity to the "identity", and the individual not-for-profit shop is not subject to the agreement.

is reported that the opinions are issued at the end of last year, according to the regulations formulated for the "Regulations" in a detailed plan. After the implementation of the "Regulations", the relevant persons responsible for the draft made it clear that the "Regulations" for the creation of personal e-commerce sites, and only in Beijing, not those who have the perfect platform.

Taobao, eBay and other national platform is not affected by the provisions of." The person in charge told Sina Taobao, some personal e-commerce sites due to lack of supervision, many unscrupulous businessmen shot for a place, as consumer reports, the general management of seal site for the final processing, consumers do not have any rights or ability to recover losses, this is one of the introduction of the background of the provisions. In contrast, the general platform has a more stringent access threshold, security system and monitoring system.

profit definition is still controversial

in fact, the introduction of the regulations shortly before the industry has aroused heated discussion, one of the focus of discussion is how to determine whether personal sales and profit.

for example functions of the existing platform, it fails to distinguish the online use of replacement items for personal use or for profit, and even some cross shop features: both profit-making shop, and replacement items for personal use. Therefore, Taobao platform is not set audit function.

eBay market Ministry official told Sina, "opinions" for profit making requests, but as e-commerce service providers, it is difficult to determine whether the user for the purpose of profit, the seller qualification is affected to a certain degree, and will increase the work content and work.

The eBay

sources also revealed that although eBay did not affect the provisions, but also will make special treatment on this kind of situation, and with the "opinions" of the requirements to make the corresponding adjustment, the specific adjustment measures.