in the completion of a series of restructuring plan, China garment network recently launched a plan to impact the gem. If successful listing, China clothing network is expected to become the sixth domestic listed B2B companies.

"on the one hand, the gem listing conditions relatively loose increases the probability of listed industry website; on the other hand, the industry website to further plough in the field of industry, it requires a lot of money, but the financing is obviously a shortcut." China Electronic Commerce Research Center analyst Zhang Zhouping said that the industry is about to usher in the climax of the site.

China clothing net impact on the gem Chinese clothing network according to the chairman Chen Xuejun introduction, Chinese clothing network has completed management ownership (MBO), at present the enterprise revenue and has reached the scale of the gem, the company launched the GEM Listing plan.

in the last month, Chinese clothing net former largest shareholder Netsun (Stock Code: 002095) announced that the original shares held Chinese clothing net more than half of the reduction to 19.62%, the reduction of shares were sold to China clothing network management team and the Zhejiang River Hao Kunyuan investment company limited. As the ownership structure China clothing net after the reorganization, the company’s management team accounted for 60.38%, Kun yuan venture capital accounted for 20%, Netsun accounted for 19.62%.

this move, Netsun chairman Sun Deliang said, "I hope in the future to clone service mode, cultivate more industry website is transformed into a" small sheng". He pointed out that the future Netsun can attract a batch of high quality clothing like Chinese network industry website in, and through the introduction of strategic investment business of listed companies, to achieve integration in the industry by making use of the capital support, the time is ripe, the independent impact of the gem, the realization of IPO.

Chen Xuejun said that at present the company has been in line with the conditions of the gem listing, in 2009 the company’s overall revenue of more than 20 million yuan, of which the profit margin of more than 35%. According to the current size of the revenue, the Chinese clothing network has been following Alibaba, China chemical network after the third major B2B sites in Zhejiang.

it is understood that China Garment Network was founded in July 2001, currently has 500 thousand registered members, China’s leading apparel industry e-commerce integrated service providers. In April 2009, the largest shareholder of the former toocle announced the launch of Chinese clothing net "restructuring plan", including: the introduction of strategic investment, optimize shareholder structure; the company changed its name, the implementation of joint-stock reform and other initiatives, its purpose is to do the preliminary work independently listed.

According to the report released by the China Electronic Commerce Research Center report, as of December 2009, China’s B2B e-commerce service companies have 7580

. But there is only Alibaba, Netsun, China manufacturing network, global resources, HC and other five listed companies.

Zhang Zhouping said that if the Chinese clothing net >