work emperor Tang Jun academic fraud incident occurred, triggering a chain reaction. The Ministry of education in a timely manner to open the China Study Center of foreign academic inquiry website (, the employer can log on to the site to click on educational degree certification system for inquiry. But the reporter found yesterday, the site’s academic credentials system can not log in to the query, there are users guess the door of the door of the employer to raise the degree of trust crisis, resulting in high site click rate, resulting in paralysis.

yesterday, the reporter called the China Study Center for this reason, the relevant responsible person denied the Tang Jun incident caused by network congestion phenomenon. This person in charge said that the site can not be normal use and no direct relationship between the Tang Jun incident, as early as a month before the outbreak of the event in the history of Tang Jun, the site has begun to upgrade the work. When asked when the site can be used normally, the official said, can not give the exact time, depending on the progress of the technology sector. In the process of system upgrade, the employer should verify the information degree, only through the form of a letter of confirmation.

, the name of the person in charge, told reporters that at present has not received a large number of applications to verify the qualifications. Subsequently, the reporter called the Zhongguancun several electronic companies, business executives also said that the Tang Jun incident did not lead to a crisis of confidence in corporate employees, they did not take or are prepared to take measures to verify the qualifications of employees. A person in charge of the company said: after all, a minority of academic fraud, the majority of employees still have integrity, we are more willing to believe that employees. On the one hand and the degree just assessment work ability, as long as the staff to promote the individual value can be in the enterprise, not necessary and education seriously."