network is a block consisting of 0 and 1 of the vast battlefield, in front of a computer screen on the million head, is many times more amazing speed than other industries, the thirty-six our ancestors carry forward the essence of design, deduce new strategies and tactics emerge in an endless stream — whether it is beneficial to the social network or harmful.


      this kind of strategy is often in the network scam, often in the C2C shopping site, especially just launched soon. Due to the establishment of relatively short time, this kind of site monitoring and payment processes often have loopholes, easy to use.

      crooks were poised to make no reply, shop opened, the end users look no wrong price and regular network businesses compared to almost all kinds of information, product pictures, everything, also promised delivery. The only difference is that the liar will let you directly hit the money on his card.

      in the face of this shop, some netizens just contact network shopping may produce the two psychological: one is the shop price moderate, should not be fake or sleight of hand liars; two is the site to buy high visibility should be assured.

      this kind of netizen is not cheap, you can easily see through the "low liar", but the new liar this seemingly decent, but not too wary.

      as a result, it is obviously similar to kongchengji effect: it looks very formal, everything is in order, but the actual city was the only liar a mouth a computer a phone. However, this kind of liar compared to only 200 yuan to sell smart phones that kind of more technical content – the full use of the "I do not cheap will not be cheated," shopping psychology.

      and Zhu Geliang kongchengji version is different, Zhu Geliang is to scare the people, and this is to put people in. Of course, the most important difference is the most shameless liar and Zhu Geliang GG (this trick too on the unkind).

      Ok, if you go down their sudden brothers, not safe directly on the clock. A liar will immediately say: Well, we don’t want to be so easy ah, customers do not trust, but the website just open up the business, the mechanism is not perfect, the first network to do business, it’s hard to ah. Said this, the heart of the real liar said: Hey, I managed to hit one, you said to me… This year, as a liar, it’s hard to ah!

      you see this saying, "we are very"