has Zongming teach you how to choose the right keywords, the main choice of 10 skills for the best keywords:

1, Ceng Zongming in the customer’s point of view

what are the key words that potential customers will use when searching for your product, which can be used to get feedback from a variety of sources, including the idea from your customers, suppliers, brand managers and sales people.

2, Zeng taught you to use the location of

if your position is critical, add it to your key phrases.

3, Zeng taught you to make multiple permutations and combinations

change the word order of phrases to create different combinations of words. Use infrequently used combinations. Combined into a question. Contains synonyms, substitute words, words and common words. Contains the brand name and product name to sell products. The use of other determiners to create more word combinations, three words, four words together.

4, Zeng taught you to expand keywords into a series of phrases

choose a series of phrases, with Baidu search query keywords search times and trends with Baidu index and GOOGLE trend to compare and query keywords, in order to determine the appropriate keywords.

5, Ceng Zongming teach you if it is a brand enterprise, then use your company name

if you are a famous brand, use your company name in the key word.

has 6 total, the use of professional vocabulary you Ming concept to define the visitors

clear the concept of your keywords, such as e-commerce software. Be sure to be clear enough to make the phrase not too broad, such as e-commerce software solutions, e-commerce security solutions, B2B e-commerce software, etc..

had 7 total, you review competitors use some key words


search competitors can make you think of something you may have missed. But do not copy any of the keywords, because you do not know how they want to use these keywords, you’ll have to figure a keyword. Looking for someone else’s keywords is only the key words you have been added.

8, Ceng Zongming taught you do not use a single word

multi word phrases are more useful than single words. It is hard for a search engine to search for a single word to search for relevant results, because the search conditions can result in too many results, and the searchers are not going to browse hundreds of results pages. A search for the auction site e-commerce software solutions users will not only search software.

9, Ceng Zongming taught you no meaning too broad word or phrase

wants to use the modifier to make the common words and phrases more precise. Such as the provision of insurance services can be used on the site health insurance quotes, auto insurance quotes, life insurance quotes and other key phrases.