to tell the truth, a few years ago, the continuation of the home class website, the framework is poor, profit model is tragic, the status is low. However, when we look at some great, some of the system. First, we look at Xiangbala carefully:

The main framework of

Shambhala has 2: design, product.


Xiangbala has done in-depth research for the design, through the design of circle column can be seen:

life, humanities – this is the theme of home, accurate positioning!

communication, activities, designers read the book, the designer to talk about the topic, the designer’s blog, the designer of the forum, so that designers club. Hongkong master Steve Leung blog in Shambhala, although only a dozen editorial assistance and Bowen, but a world of difference.

theme clear, both online and offline.

design is the main melody of Shambhala, at the same time, Xiangbala is located in the high-end crowd. Xiangbala concern a word — design is the soul of home improvement.


is designed by nature can recommend products —- this is some vulgar idea. But, we can think that the design is not a source of water, the design need good products to reflect. Xiangbala clearly finished product library, and the products are professional category: bathroom, kitchen, furniture, household appliances, ceramic tile, flooring, lighting, painting, doors and windows. The portal is a vertical, accurate target.

combines the two main lines, Xiangbala developed design, compatible with low-end. Compatible with high-end opened up the realm of goods.


] Xiangbala weakness

certainly has a weakness of shambhala. Although Xiangbala powerful in content, and is cheap and powerful, but noble and powerful. But, after all, is the weakness of weakness. Well, I don’t want to say that in such an open place. Can say that there is a point to that end – technology. No engineering support, design is a mirage. What about the others? I don’t want to say that. O (a _ U) O

… Haha!

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