these days, I’m busy building my blog site. The site, really is not an ordinary person can be fun. When we see other people operating the site to make money, do not think that money is so easy. I spent a whole day, the basic settings of the site is considered.

friends want to do the network, do not have to go to the operating site. Do QQ, WeChat and other social software promotion, enough. Personal website is very difficult to develop, as hard as the real grass root in the counter attack.

I love tossing and turning, do not play the heart of the website unwilling. Never seen the sea, always curious what is the color of the sea. Have their own website, then the network to make money in the form of large and small, you can touch almost. Experience more than a few sites, and then look back at QQ, WeChat, is definitely playing a model like ah. Good girl do not experience some scumbag, how to be a real woman, hehe.

sometimes, I encourage others to write more articles. Soft Wen is written out, the flow of the text, the time spent will not

live up to you. Write more, whether it is selling Meng small fresh, or forced to force the high cold literary fan, all can be handwritten. Often a word, killing blood, the average person can not see this is the soft.

soft text is divided into two parts of the title and text. Do not ignore the importance of the title, the title of the first impression, determines whether the user to open the page to see this article. The title of cattle, like sister’s miniskirt.

1, the title of the word

Title Control in 10 to 30 words or so, is not absolute. But the title is too long, the control of the text is significantly weakened. More than a dozen words, twenty a few titles, the most common.

if you want to create a title writing process, you can follow the first short title, and then long title, and finally the title of the short order, consciously practice. The ancient people write articles, that is to say on A single word of gold. every word, every word, after repeated scrutiny. Add another word in the article, obviously superfluous: less than a word, can not be linked sentences.

2, title tone

for the details of the pursuit, is a craftsman spirit. The word is not dead, outstanding writers gave emotional words.

example: I heard that playing LOL sister to marry such a man (this is suspense)

these cartoons look funny, but the heart is sour (this is sad)

trick rolling, counting those vulgar game advertising (which is angry)

read not turn, not Chinese (this is excited)

in order to grasp the tone of the title, have to read several times in the heart. First touched himself, then moved others.

3, the title of the display effect

same article, published in different platforms, also need to modify the title.

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