no matter what kind of work you do, as what kind of position, must master certain skills, can easily in the post, the operation team is the same, also need certain team management skills to be able to in the fierce competition in the market force to come out on top, go ahead.

Shaw is such an expert, by his management of the marketing team performance. So today we have asked the old Shaw to have a detailed explanation on he is what kind of approach to the management of the marketing team, why in the eyes of others almost inaccessible to the old Shaw here easily resolve it? Right for everyone secret answer.

"I don’t know what to do a line, before I was confused, when it since the account down, even if it is to bite the bullet and rushed forward. Later I met the claw cloud analysis of network marketing management system, from the analysis to the status of the promotion promotion process management to promote the implementation of the most important promotion effect and the monitoring of the implementation period, all the links in the cloud network marketing claw analysis management system help all properly, I do not have to exercise a snack. There is, it also has sub account management function, can monitor the performance of team members, in accordance with the different positions of different team members to the task of assigning work attributes and authority reasonably, strengthen the cooperation between each other, make the work more convenient and more efficient cooperation among the team, improve the overall work efficiency. "

old Shaw said, their company actually does not scale, add up all sectors of less than 100 people, and he is halfway decent, do not understand the so-called team management skills, able to make such achievements on cloud network marketing analysis and management system of the claw. It is understood that the cloud claw analysis of network marketing management system is composed of a

system at Shanghai Automation Technology Co. Ltd. the newly developed