"the melting point of the network # partnership Chinese # first quarter perfect ending! 6 chiefs total of 24 investment projects with a total investment amount of 86 million 100 thousand yuan investment amount of 31 million 275 thousand yuan: @ Xu Xiaoping @ yaojinbo; 20 million 750 thousand yuan; 13 million 875 thousand yuan Dangdang @ Li Guoqing @ @ 9 million 600 thousand yuan; Zhou Hongyi; Bertelsmann Longyu 5 million 500 thousand yuan; @ Xiong Xiaoge 5 million 100 thousand yuan."

this is the venture capital TV reality show, the Chinese partner after the end of the first quarter of the play, the official micro-blog account issued inventory data. From the beginning of May 22, 2016, every Sunday evening 21:20, this program will be broadcast in Shenzhen tv. By the end of August 7th, a total of 12 episodes were aired.

is not difficult to see from the above data, many of the entrepreneurs on the screen have successfully obtained a sum of money from these investors.

of course, these entrepreneurs are not the only winners.

program producers also benefited from it. In the Tencent video, the 12 episode of the partnership, the amount of play in more than 1 million. Among them, in July 31st to play the eleventh set, the volume reached even 10 million 941 thousand.

"now, basically every local TV station will broadcast a venture class program," an industry source told the interface news reporter.

Entrepreneurship Program in China

said the domestic entrepreneurship programs, have to mention is a first of its kind in the United States show "Shark Tank" ("winner").

since the beginning of 2009, Shark Tank began in the United States ABC TV broadcast. In this program, including Mark ·, Ashton · Cuban; Kutcher, Chris · and other American business chiefs or Saka; the actress who will come to participate in the program and appearance, entrepreneurs need to exhaust all the skills hoping to share a sum of investment, from the "shark" in the mouth.

from the surface, the current domestic entrepreneurship programs in the form of more or less on the Shark Tank reference. In fact, the Chinese partner is the "Shark Tank" program in the country for the first time the introduction of copyright.

in the country, the broadcast of entrepreneurial programs, the earliest can be traced back to the 2006 win in china. Including Ma Yun, Liu Chuanzhi, Shi Yuzhu, business chiefs have appeared on the show, the contestants weapon comments.

to around 2014, with the emergence of entrepreneurial boom, more and more entrepreneurial programs began to appear. With "Shark Tank" program as the example, the domestic program model gradually began homogenization: Entrepreneurship so as to exhaust all the skills in the program players show their projects to the investment, people, in order to gain the favor of capital.