mentioned a live video site, we first thought of the six rooms, 56, Sohu, the reason why they are famous, because we often open the page when they are full of advertising. In fact, there are some big companies are quietly running a live video site, but they did not use the traditional advertising model pop-up ads, but in cleverly leveraging Baidu promotion. Gossip is not much to say, now let’s talk about it.

first open Baidu, enter the Baidu pictures, I will give you the following screenshot, see the top of the navigation in the reality show column, in the figure I have been marked.

Click to enter after the show, as follows:

click on the picture to enter a room where the anchor appears.

At present,

and Baidu pictures co live video site has four: show, Baidu’s own products; cool show, cool music under the platform; Amy van, Tencent Inc of the platform; the cool dog stars, cool dog music under the platform. See here, we are not surprised that so many big companies are operating in the video broadcast site.

this way to promote the originality: one is to make full use of Baidu pictures of this high traffic platform. As everyone knows, Baidu is the extreme love for their products, to weight and traffic is very high, as one of the most important products, Baidu pictures daily traffic is very impressive, so this promotion effect is very awesome as can be imagined. Two is to avoid the high advertising investment. Live video website to survive is that the user, and the accumulation of users requires high investment in advertising, and the use of Baidu pictures of this platform for promotion can reduce investment in advertising and can easily achieve promotion effect. Three is to circumvent the industry competition. Live video website profit is very lucrative, it determines that it is a highly competitive industry, not easy to live sites of strong business from a well-known video, how to avoid competition and to obtain high traffic is a big problem. Have to say, planning such a promotion is really a network promotion expert.

what can we learn from: one is to be good at leveraging the promotion. To learn how to make full use of the platform, leveraging the promotion. Two is to be good at reverse thinking. Most of the time, we see the competition of the industry, from that into the die. In fact, we should learn from the reverse thinking, others can not see where to find the valuable information, use the.

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