in the ever-changing Internet era, we are always chasing new trends, new technologies and new methods.

to network marketing, for example, a variety of new methods and channels. From the portal to the search engine advertising Advertising Age, from marketing to blog now micro-blog WeChat marketing and marketing, a lot of people pursued, well done is very rare.

today is a story of a traditional enterprise network marketing.


a Hubei guy after 80, the use of network marketing to sell the machine, do about ten million a year, he was actually the most traditional network marketing methods. Listen to the story, you will be as shocked as I am, not only because he did not spend a penny advertising expenses. Even more shocking is that each of us can do, but no one to do.

Li Shan is my understanding at a friend’s dinner, 80, import instrument.

The dinner table,

machinery factory boss Liu is more than and 50 years old, is an old traveller, annual turnover of several billion, but the young man appears to be reverent and respectful.

I guess in my mind, Li Shan is his client,

a chat up to know, the original is his supplier.

to know that in the buyer’s market, the attitude of the buyer to the supplier and the customer is a heaven on earth. As a seller, you sell the product, customers are also very respect and thank you, who can do it really is very rare.

Liu said to me: "my little brother is a network expert oh. He did about ten million a year, customers are looking for him on the Internet, I have found him from the Internet and then know. "

"Wow, that’s great!" I asked Li Shan, "have you ever studied network marketing before?"

Li Shan said: "no, you don’t have to listen to him, which is what the network master ah. I don’t even have a website."

I am interested in, a person, a free blog, do about ten million a year in the sitting of the other two bosses are also very surprised, busy asking how to do.

test network marketing repeatedly rebuffed the

just started selling, Li Shan thought of using network, website ranking and to spend money, first use the Internet to find the customer information.

and customer data collected from the Internet, making phone calls, email. Some customers have a website, go to the customer’s website message. But to do so for two or three months, calling customers tired, send messages and message is no echo.

Li Shan tried to some BBS posts, he found that one of the benefits of the advertising information sent to leave contact information, go to Baidu search, you can search to send him the advertisement.

Li Shan is very happy