technology news October 10th noon news, Jiangsu Phoenix publishing media Limited by Share Ltd (Phoenix media), Beijing science and Education Technology Co. Ltd. (future), Beijing Phoenix studyez Technologies Co. company (subject network) officially announced, get a good future $30 million strategic investment by the Phoenix media holding discipline network. After the completion of the capital increase, the Phoenix media accounted for 35.22% of the discipline network shares, is still the largest shareholder of the discipline network, a good future shares accounted for the proportion of the discipline of the founding team accounted for 32.78% of the shares of the network.

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strategic cooperation, Phoenix media and the future will provide a wide range of resources to support the subject network and brand endorsement. Phoenix media said that priority will provide all kinds of quality education including teaching materials, subject to network publishing resources, priority including Jiangsu, Hainan Xinhua bookstore system, educational publishing marketing channel resources, and support in terms of quality education resources development. In addition, the Phoenix media will also use its huge impact on the domestic market for basic education, improve the discipline network business system.

good future, said it will be in the industrial resources, teaching and research resources, training management, human resources and other aspects of a comprehensive network of disciplines. Can foreknow, good future video resources can enrich the campus learning and thinking of hundreds of people scale R & D team, its subject network depth distribution of public schools to provide strong support. The future of the parent help can also be a discipline network to improve the home school resources matching and docking.

, network said that the future will open the supplementary publications, public schools and after-school institutions, through Education Alliance and excellent enterprises to form a cohesive force, and common development; also the sharing of resources and users through the cloud platform to allow for different demand of education information technology solutions to achieve landing.

Phoenix media and the future have said it will continue to support the independent operation of the subject network, and to help establish a more standardized corporate governance system. Phoenix media also further revealed recently in cooperation with good future propulsion: (1) combined with teaching materials, student books and other resources on campus and the Phoenix media future school counseling resources to parents, students in school, the integration of learning solutions. (2) combined with the content of both sides, the strength of technology research and development, further cooperation in the development of digital content, digital learning software development. (3) combined with the educational marketing channel resources and the parents’ resources of the Phoenix media, the educational service products are popularized to the users. (hemp)